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Indian Doctors Made Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Easier with Mobile App in Mumbai

Indian Doctors Made Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Easier with Mobile App in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Doctors of Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel developed a mobile app, “TNM” to make the Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment easier.

TNM stands for Tumour, node and metastasis, will help the doctors, mainly in interior areas and poor nations; diagnose the severity of cancer immediately.

According to Dr Rajendra Badwe, director of Tata Memorial Hospital, the app will help bring about standardization of cancer medicine practice across the country.

Every resident doctor who joins Tata Memorial Hospital is given a TNM Handbook to correctly identify the stage of cancer in the patient they are treating,” said Tata Memorial Hospital director Dr Rajendra Badwe.

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It is not possible for the doctors to remember various permutations and combinations among 65 types of cancers.

“Having the handbook helps young doctors. Now, the need to carry the handbook has been eliminated as most people carry smartphones,” said Dr Palak Popat, who was one of the developers.

 “The app, once downloaded, can be accessed offline. It is an interactive app where the doctor can feed the required information and within 30 seconds can get the stage of cancer,” Dr Meenakshi Thakur, one of the three radiologists who designed the app, added.

The app will soon get a feature which will be really useful for patients and their relatives.

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