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India to Eventually Overtake the US in App Development

India to Eventually Overtake the US in App Development

According to Google, users in India are increasingly interested in mobile app development.

The number of online search enquiries for mobile app development courses by users in the country grew 200% from 2014 to surpass the US, which has the largest developers.

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Google and Apple have shifted their attention to India’s emerging developer community.

A main component of building up an app system within an emerging market is ensuring there’s a pool of developers creating localized apps and software on devices that will appeal to domestic users.

Google launched Android Skilling in India in July 2016, aimed at training 2 million developers for Android platform and Apple plans to open up a new iOS app Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru.

India’s smart phone growth is explosive and the app downloads have increased substantially.

According to Google VP of Product Management Caesar Sengupta, India’s developer community is set to reach 4 million by 2018, making it the largest in the world.

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