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How To Find Your Stolen (or) Lost Android Phone [Infographic]

How To Find Your Stolen (or) Lost Android Phone [Infographic]

In this info graphic we discuss about how you can retrieve your phone that has been lost or misplaced. It is a matter of anxiety if happens to you and we are concerned about that. But now, there are many phone recovery options or anti-theft apps on the Google Play Store which can be a lifesaver in case you lose your phone. But many of us might only realize this after the phone gets lost. If you haven’t installed a tracking app or it’s too late that you have already lost the phone you can use these techniques to retrieve your phone or lock your phone so that no one can access it.

The most important thing is that, you set your phone up so that you can find it or else you are on your own to find out your phone. Most Android phones now come up with a ‘Find my device’ feature. This will automatically track your device no matter where it is.

You can wipe your phone of any sensitive data like work data in case you think it is really necessary. Whether you forget where you left it or it was stolen, these measures can help you retrieve your phone in the best way possible.

In some cases, it can be frustrating if you leave your phone somewhere in your house and you are about to go out somewhere. As long as your phone is on and is connected to the internet all you have to do is say ‘Ok Google, find my phone’ and Google will ask which device you want to find and turn the ringer on no matter if you have turned it to silent mode.  You will need to turn on the ‘Find my device’ option on your phone.

If all these steps are rightly followed your chances of getting your lost or misplaced Android smartphone is more.

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