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How to Create an App Like SHAREit ?

How to Create an App Like SHAREit ?

SHAREit can make your files get transferred in about 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Ideas to create an app clone for SHAREit are well encouraged by both the app developers & its users. A file transfer app with a faster device to device sharing & active performance in multiple platforms can be one of your remarkable app stories.


Being a cross platform application, it has brought a sense of ease to sharing files on the digital space.Why? Because users can share files minus any internet connection, that is their mantra of success.

In recent times, the effectiveness and the app’s raging popularity is increasingly encouraging budding investors to create similar app like SHAREit, replicating its core features and functionalities too.

Want to know how to create an app clone for SHAREit and the cost of its development process? Lets get started.

Benefits of Developing a SHAREit Clone

Before kickstarting your app development process, it is crucial that you understand why to create a SHAREit appclone, which can also lead you on the path of success.

Traditionally files that were shared online were either done using the internet or via Bluetooth. In most instances both techniques came with flaws. Internet connectivity issues and Bluetooth pairing of devices can be a nightmare.

Applications like SHAREit broke into this conventional space with their IR beam technology that only uses Wi-Fi in the file sharing process. Addressing key concerns like convenient and fast sharing, users were able to send files any hassle.

Let’s look at the benefits of using an app like SHAREit:

  • You can share files from phone to phone, and even phone to PCs
  • You do not need a USB, internet, data usage, only Wi-Fi access
  • You can transfer multiple file formats such as documents, photos and even multimedia projects
  • You can access a speed of up to 20Mbps while transferring files
  • You can share group files for up to 4 devices

With superfast and smooth file transfers, applications like SHAREit has brought in a new era in this domain.

With more functionalities than Bluetooth transfers, SHAREit has quickly captured the bulk of the market with users who need to transfer bulky files online.

Unquestionably, this paves the way for more players to enter the scene because the concept is extremely profitable.

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Zero-in On The App Features

Experts recommend that you start with an MVP or a Minimum Viable Product. This means that you can have the must-have app features and functionalities integrated with your application.

You can keep building on the app, add more complex features even after the app has been deployed.

shareit app features

Here is the list of must-have features that you can zero-in for your SHAREit clone:

#1. Uploading Files

This is the primary feature of any file sharing application where the users can upload files, documents and more. Plus, using a variety of tags can help differentiate the files into categories for easy reference.

#2. Send Documents

Users can send their uploaded documents to anyone on their contact list. They can even send it to external recipients without having to move out of the app’s interface.

#3. Quick Share

Multiple files can be received and sent between two or more parties with the help of the Quick Share feature.

#4. File Management

Users can easily manage uploaded files with the help of filters system on the application. If they are looking for specific files, they can do so using the search bar.

#5. Encrypting Files

Encryption is a key feature of any file sharing application. Users need to trust the platform’s security levels before they choose to upload important files on the application.

The platform also needs to highlight that the files will be transmitted via a secure and safe socket layer. Generally, an SSL layer is used here.

#6. Sharing Location

The location sharing feature gives an additional layer of protection. By adding the current file location, users can maintain privacy and access the document only within the specified premises. This gives them access to a more private and secure file sharing environment.

#7. Timely Sharing

The app can be set with the predefined objective of sharing content and files at the same time, even by multiple users. This functionality is useful when the application is being used within teams and several documents need to be shared as an ongoing process.

#8. View Documents

Having a document viewer enables users to preview files regardless of its format. Be it Word, PPT, PDF or any other extension, users need not go to a third party platform to view the received or sent files.

#9. View Activity

When users tend to frequently make use of the app to send files online, they may also need a feature to understanding and analyse user activity. The View Activity section is a dedicated space where user can look at the statistics of usage and get an overview of the activity report.

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Unique Shareit Functionalities That You Can Integrate With Your Application Too

SHAREit is more than your file sharing application. Boasting of some really unique functionalities, SHAREit can offer users with an entertainment ecosystem including streaming of videos, movies, music, funny pictures, curated playlists, music and video player and more.

#1. Users Can Discover Unlimited Online Videos

SHAREit comes equipped with a special feature on their user interface. This is called the Infinite Online Videos that can be used for entertainment purposes.

This special tab can be used to stream unlimited online videos. Going a step further, the app enables the user to watch them on both online and offline modes.

This makes SHAREit much more than just an app that is focussed on file transfers only.

#2. Users Can Discover Trending Music

This is another vital feature on SHAREit that allows the user to discover trending music online, very similar to streaming online videos.

Again, the music files can be listened to both in the offline and online modes. Users can also design their own curated playlists or access the ready-made ones offered by the application.

#3. It Is An Integrated Video and Music Player

SHAREit is your one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs because the developers have integrated it with an in-built video and music player. This complements its music and video streaming features completely.

The player supports all types of video and audio formats which means that you do not need to open your media files on any other third-party application or platform. It comes with a powerful equalizer that enhances the quality of the audio files.

#4. It Is A Cross-Platform App

SHAREit is a cross-platform application that permits the user to integrate with all types of iOS and Android powered devices. This bridges the gap between two operating systems and minimises hassles of changing formats when files are shared between them.

hire android app developers

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like SHAREit?

The cost of designing and developing any file transfer application is dependent on a number of factors. The user interface features and functionalities, platforms where the app will be deployed, its size, and the development team independently contribute to the overall budget.

Along with that, the technology stack, the app’s complexity levels too should be taken into account when arriving at a cost estimate.

Let’s take a look at the different parameters:

#1. SHAREit Clone App Design

The design of your mobile application is a key factor that draws users to download and use it. Ensuring that the interface design is user-friendly, simple and convenient when sending files will drive more traffic to the application.

There are three primary elements in design:

  • App Prototype Design
  • App UI UX Design
  • Colour & Appearance

The process can be complex to get right and hence may need to undergo a number of iterations before arriving at a final design. Plus, it can consume a lot of time too. These elements are the main influencers in your SHAREit clone application’s development cost.

#2. Choosing The App Platforms

When you embark on the development process you may have to choose the platforms where you intend to deploy the application. The available options are:

  • Android
  • iOS or iPhone
  • Windows

Android as an operating software boasts the highest number of users. Therefore, most new apps tend to launch on this platform first. The cost too is more affordable in comparison to the iOS version.

That said, the type of platforms you select in the end must depend on research and backed by data and insights. If your target audience is inclined towards using iOS, then that is the platform you should select even if it costs you more.

Alternatively, you can opt to go with a cross-platform route and start the development process for all available platforms. This will cost you lower and allows you to complete the project faster..

#3. Feature Integrations

If you choose to go with just a basic version of the file sharing app with only the integral features being incorporated at the initial stages, then the cost of app development will be relatively less. However, if the set features range from basic to advance, the expense will be far higher.

At the end of the day, the requirements of the business will determine the type of features you choose to integrate with the application.

#4. App Size

The size of the app is another cost parameter that must be taken into consideration. With a bloated app design, the size of the tool will also increase too. Larger apps will tend to have lesser downloads and will be compromised in terms of performance too.

#5. Development Team

You have the option to hire in-house developers or outsource it to an agency or a team of freelancers. Getting an in-house team in place on a payroll is the most expensive option of the two.

That said, if you get an agency on board, the cost to create a SHAREit app will depend on the location of the team as well. Average per hour cost of developers from these parts of the world is:

  • North America: $120 to $150 for both Android and iOS
  • Western Europe: $80 to $100
  • Eastern Europe: $30 to $50
  • Australia: $100 to $120
  • India: $21 to $30

The recommended team constitution is:

  • Project Manager
  • Backend Developer
  • UI and UX designer
  • 2 – 4 Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

#6. Cost Estimate

Taking all of these factors into consideration, here is a rough cost estimate to create an app clone of SHAREit:

  • iOS: $50000 to $54,000
  • Android: $48,000 to $51,000

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app cost calculator

When it comes the ease of transferring and receiving files of all types minus any charges, SHAREit has unquestionably a top player in the space. By benchmarking it against SHAREit, you will need to rely on the services of a passionate team of developers to make your dream project a reality.

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