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How to Create a UPSC Exam Preparation App

How to Create a UPSC Exam Preparation App

With millions of applicants every year, UPSC is one of the toughest and most aspirational exams to crack in India. However, with the arrival of multiple UPSC exam preparation apps, applicants have been able to crack the impossible with right preparation & guidance. On this blog we discuss in detail “How to Create an UPSC Exam Preparation App”.

Technology has made it easier to prepare the best study material for UPSC exams. Besides with dozens of interactive Android & iOS applications reading bulky books, question papers & newspapers are a lost cost.

Benefits of Creating UPSC Exam Preparation App

  • Reaches every corner of the country
  • Any student can register and access the information
  • Freedom to access any course related to the students interests
  • Institutes can manage the contents. They can use multimedia contents to explain the concepts
  • Live broadcasts to larger audiences
  • Control & Convenience, students can learn whenever and wherever they want
  • Tutors/Coaches can create and publish many mock testes and see results instantly. Students can see their mark history and analyse their progress

Consistent learning and practice are key points for any exams especially UPSC.  Let’s see what more an UPSC exam preparation app should have.

Core Features Needed for A UPSC Exam Preparation App

#1. E-learning (Access to books, videos and other study materials)

It is very important getting access to the study materials for the exams. For the UPSC exams the preparation for preliminary exam and the main exam will be different.

When you develop an exam preparation app it should provide access to PDF’s, videos, audios, word files, PowerPoints etc. It would be an alternative to the traditional book studying method.

#2. Mock Tests

One of the many challenges in UPSC preparation is to find the correct answer in the shortest possible time. Students can attain this by continuous practising with the help of mock tests.

The mock tests may be based on subjects or time duration.  The UPSC exam preparation app should provide the mock tests based on subjects/topics as well as time duration.

#3. News & Current updates

Reading daily newspapers and writing them in a book is something no UPSC aspirant would miss as part of their preparation. It will not only help them in written exam but also in their final interviews. The app must be implemented to get the latest news from news channels, newspapers & other important mediums.

#4. Book marking

Revision without a doubt plays a crucial role while preparing for UPSC exams. Students should be able to bookmark or save their findings for later reading/watching inside the UPSC app, so that it would be easy and convenient for them during the revision time.

#5. Live class

The UPSC exam preparation app must be able to stream live classes from the trainers / tutor for direct coaching because not everything the students learn from books is understandable. The app should also provide the students with the facility to ask questions & clarify their comments etc.

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#6. Live Chat/forums/Quiz

Learning by discussing is the best way to prepare the UPSC exams. Live chats, forums and real time quiz programs would help the students to discuss, ask questions and provide the known answers. Not only will it help the brighter students but also the struggling ones as well. An UPSC app should provide this facility to students.

#7. Quick Assessment for Preliminary exams

Preliminary exams are objective type exams. Student can do the multiple tests based on subjects and time durations. The answers should be evaluated immediately, results including negative marks will be exhibited to student.

#8. Assignments for Finals

The final exams are in written format. The trainers / tutors can give assignments to the students and the upload their answers once they are completed.

The evaluation will be done manually by the coaches and they will provide rating for multiple evaluation parameters like understanding the question, important points, sentence forming, clarity in answers etc.

#9. Report Cards

The UPSC exam preparation app should record all the test results so that the students can understand how much they progressed overtime and what areas do they need to focus for better results. Students must keep their progress in a scoreboard for evaluation.

#10. Course Categorisation

While developing an UPSC exam preparation app you must give multiple course options to the students for their convenience. For instance, there could be Free trial, Modular courses and Tablet courses.

Free trials would allow students to understand how easy is it to enroll in the online courses and setup their preparation routine.

Modular courses specify a standalone main course of your selection; you can choose a course that suits your requirement and give full focus on that subject.

Tablet courses are combination of multiple course packages. This way, students can access and engage in hours of lectures that cover the comprehensive syllabus.

#11. Enabling Flexibility for Students

Regardless of the course, a UPSC exam preparation app needs to offer different accessibility options to students. Students can choose courses in the form of

  • Prime video (pre stored video) – For students who prefer to learn at their own time and convenience and doesn’t want to depend on a fixed schedule. It could be due to different reasons such as low bandwidth internet, inconvenient timing schedule or simply because they want to learn faster.
  • Live classes – Students who prefer to follow a fixed schedule and like to have interactive sessions with their teacher would find live classes a convenient option.
  • Test series – Students should be able to take tests by combining two categories. For example, prime video and test series for a complete course or for the selected subject.

These options give students all-important flexibility in an exam preparation app. They should also be able to:-

  • Select a single subject, a complete course or multiple courses
  • Access test series for whole course, multiple courses or for one subject only

E-learning App Cost

Student Apps (iOS, Android) Features

Sl.No Features
1.0 Front Page
1.1 Banner (scrollable – videos, images)
1.2 Course Listing
1.3 Popular Courses/Latest uploads
1.4 Subscription Plans
1.5 Sign up/Sign in
1.6 Search Bar
2.0 Home Page
2.1 Course Name (Purchased)
2.2 Related courses/videos
2.3 Attached files (audio/pdf/word)
2.4 Discussion/Comments
2.5 Recommended Courses/Videos
2.6 Rating and Feedbacks
2.7 Quiz/Test
2.8 Assignments
2.9 Live Classes
3.0 Side Menu
3.1 My Courses
3.2 Calendar
3.3 My Subscription
3.4 Subscription Plans
3.5 Public Forums
3.6 Access Codes
3.7 My Account
3.8 Notifications
3.9 Affiliate
3.10 Logout
Interaction with teacher/Doubts
Performance Analytics and Score Card
download for later use /bookmark
night mode
Old question papers
Contact Us / Queries

Admin Module Features

Sl.No Features
1.0 Users
1.1 Learners
1.2 Admins
1.3 Affiliates/Business
2.1 Courses
2.2 Packages
2.3 Asset library
2.4 Question bank
2.5 Live tests
2.6 Live classes
3.1 Public discussion forum
3.2 Course wise forums
4.1 Third party
4.2 API
4.3 Payment Gateway
4.4 Vimeo Media server
5.1 Coupons
5.2 Wallets
5.3 Credits
5.4 Refer and earn
5.5 Affiliate settings
5.6 Blog
6.0 CMS
6.1  Banner
6.2 Testimonials
6.3  Popup messages
6.4  Page builder
6.5 Header and Footer
7.1 Transactional SMS
7.2 Email
7.3 Push messages templates
7.4 Custom fields for signup
8.1  Highly flexible
9.1 CRM Integration
System Auto-alerts
Query/Doubts Management
Access Rights Management
Feedback Review:

Development Team to Create an UPSC exam preparation app

A flawless blend of communication is required along the development period through the completion of the project with maximum productivity & in minimal time. Each and every single team member has an integral role to play for developing better insights & avoiding errors, afterall teamwork brings out the best in every project

  • Android Developers
  • IOS Developers
  • Admin Panel
  • Web-Services
  • Graphic Designer
  • Quality Assurance/Tester
  • Project Manager

How Much Does It Cost to Create an UPSC exam preparation App?

The expense of an UPSC exam preparation app can be placed somewhere in-between $18,000 and $20,000. The app publishing cost can vary depending on your choice

You need to purchase developer licenses from Apple and Google Play platforms. Then you need to buy a hosting plan to host backend/web server on the cloud. There are various standard 3rd party options for hosting. Most preferable are AWS and Digital Ocean.

Purchasing a Domain and getting an SSL to secure the domain is the third step and also an important aspect of getting your app a brand face. In addition to these, depending on the features required for your app, you will have to make purchases for SMS, Email, Deep Linking etc. from 3rdparties. For SMS we prefer Textlocal and for email we prefer SendGrid. These can be managed with a minimal cost to publish your app and can later be upgraded if required.

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Redbytes & UPSC exam preparation Apps

So far, we here at Redbytes have developed two UPSC exam preparation apps for PATEL TUTORIALS & SHUBHRA RANJAN.

Founded in 2014, Shubhra Viraj EduTech Private Limited is among the most renowned institutes for preparation of Civil Services Examinations (IAS, IPS, IFS, etc.) conducted by UPSC. We are proud to have worked with Shubra Viraj Edutech to meet their exam preparation app requirements. We helped them implement

  • MCQ Tool
  • Practice & Test Mode
  • Dashboard to track progress of each student
  • Time Bound tests for prelims

Established in 2003 Patel Tutorials focuses on preparing students who are appearing for various state SSC, PSC, UPSC, Defence, Railways & Banking exams. We worked with their energetic training & management team to develop a user-friendly mobile app with amazing features. We helped them implement,

  • Detailed Performance Submission
  • Rank Prediction & Performance Statistics
  • Scoreboard to keep the students in check
  • Comprehensive Notifications


app cost estimation

E-Learning opportunities have been blooming lately. With the current pandemic situation in place, developing an exam preparation app will help the education system immensely.

Students can learn and practice their knowledge from the safety of their home. If you are keen to create a UPSC exam preparation App or any other app, please visit contact us page to get in touch with us.

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