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6 New Features of Google Assistant That Impact Mobile App Development

6 New Features of Google Assistant That Impact Mobile App Development

Within a short time span, AI has already become one of most discussed technology among science and tech-based organizations and more companies are showing an interest in Artificial Intelligence than ever before. Google’s prime invest of $400 billion itself is a known factor that AI apps are becoming a mainstream. Having a personal assistant to do your entire task brings more users to try this, which in turn increases the potential of apps.

And now with Google I/O annual developers’ conference event, the company has brought Google AI to spotlight with many additional features that could make a great impact in the world of mobile app technology.

In this article let’s check out how the tech giant is going to use AI on its products:

1) Google Duplex:

Google Duplex

This is one of the main features that stole the show at the 2018 Google I/O, the Google Duplex which is company’s new experimental technology. The highlighted advantage of this feature is that it lets AI-powered bots to make a call for your personal needs. I know it sounds quite crazy but this is now real…

Google Duplex is a neural network that can be trained for highly specialized tasks which use Google’s automatic speech recognition technology. It enables the AI to relieve you from tiring tasks, like making a restaurant reservation or a hair salon appointment. And the best part is that the person talking would have no idea they are talking to a machine, because it’s that real.

For example, the AI would suggest the name of the salon or the timing you wish to book an appointment or make an online booking service using a phone call. Google Assistant will also check the working hours, and make the booking according to the time you want to. Duplex is designed to respond in a natural manner and adapt to responses in real time and the feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks in the US.

2) Google Maps makes Navigation Easier:


To make navigation easier, Google has introduced Visual Guidance and Visual Positioning System in Google Maps Navigation. Google aims at navigating Street view and Maps by combining AI with camera features. Within this, you can use your camera while walking through streets/roads and follow the animation that is been displayed on the screen. The exact reflection of your camera is shown on the screen with the complete route navigation map of to which direction you are approaching.

To make this feature more amazing and more fun to use, Google has also incorporated a guide companion in the form of an animated character- ‘a fox’. Your guide companion will run in front of you on the screen towards the direction you need to go.

Along with these features, the Explore tab on Map has also been re-designed to show recommendation based on the area the user search. Any options for dining, events and other activities available around your area will be displayed. Each result displayed, will be according to the reviews given by local experts, trusted publishers and Google’s Algorithm.

3) Google sets “Pretty Please” feature for Kids:

Pretty Please

No more yelling at your Google Assistant or home smart speaker because Google has set this new feature on request from many parents & families. The main aim of this feature is to teach children to speak polite language when interacting with the Assistant and in return, the AI will say thanks to kids.

While using this feature, the voice assistant will respond to children with some positive reinforcement at the same time also performs the requested task.

4) New AI-powered Feature Can Write Emails for You:

Google Photos Gets Exciting New Features

Google has revealed a new feature that will power a new Gmail technology for users that can write and send emails on behalf of yours. An add-on feature named Smart Compose lets you quickly create or compose emails by suggesting words or phrases that you might use, just like an advanced version of auto-correct. This feature not only saves time but also reduces grammatical and spelling mistakes.

5) Google Photos Gets Exciting New Features:

At the Google conference, new features have been incorporated that budding smart phone photographers would be desperate to use. Photo sharing is made easy and the facial recognition feature lets grouping of same people photos, creating their albums and also quick sharing.

Other feature for photos that can suggest photo editing improvements like contrast, brightness, colorization and selective desaturation. AI algorithms also have the ability to suggest who to share pictures with based on faces on the photo.

6) A Revamp of Google News Features:

Revamp of Google News Features

Google News will have the feature Google Material Theme based on AI that make accessing much faster and easier for users. From now, the relevant top 5 stories will be listed first according to the user preferences.

The most interesting feature in this section is ‘Full Coverage’ which lines up the various perspective of news based on data from opinions, related tweets, analyses and much more. According to Google, this is going to be an unbiased way to approach complex stories, for getting the full scope of the story relying on AI.


From all these features, its certainly understood that Google has completely adapted to the changing world and technology in meaningful and productive ways which can earn tangible benefits to their users.  Google is already the biggest search engine that brings in any information at your fingertips in no time. With incorporating AI, Google has proved that it can go a long way with technology to achieve remarkable goals in future as well.

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