First Five Minutes App: Aids in Children’s Health Emergencies

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The First Five Minutes App launched by the University of Wisconsin, U.S helps the emergency department physicians and paramedics save their time while resuscitating a child.

By using the app on a smart phone or tablet, emergency medical personnel can enter the child’s age or weight, then click to confirm it and immediately get an easy to read chart with correct, standardized medication dose.

If only the child’s age is known, the medical practitioner can make a small adjustment if the child is smaller or larger than the average.

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The chart in the app includes five categories of information that are key to pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation: CPR drugs, Dysrhythmia drugs, Neurobiological drugs, RSI drugs and Equipment sizes.

First Five Minutes App: Aids in Children's Health Emergencies

The team of pediatricians for the app included Amy Dendral, Danny Thomas, Michael Meyer and Robin Saxe. Since the app is still in a limited trial, it will be only available to public later this year through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The Medical College of Wisconsin owns the intellectual property of the app, and at this time the app is free though limited in availability.

First Five Minutes App: Aids in Children's Health Emergencies



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