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15 Essential Apps For Your New iPhone 2021

15 Essential Apps For Your New iPhone 2021

A new mobile device looks incomplete without fancy apps that make user experience better, increasing the usability of the phone. If you have just opened the recently launched iPhone X or SE model, you must be curious to know how to make the most of it.

Along with new inbuilt features and functionality Apple has introduced in the native environment of the phone, you will require certain cool apps whose intuitive, interactive and immersive features will make your life even more organized and easier.

Here we have compiled a list of 15 essential apps based on their usability, importance and popularity for new iPhone devices in 2021.

Google Photos Facetune 2 JEFIT
Housecraft Kindle Google Trips
Quik Uber Dropbox
AccuWeather Waze Tweetbot
Venmo OpenTable Overcast


1. Google Photos

Apple already offers iCloud photo storage services, indeed. But Google Photos could be a considerable option for iPhone users since it also treats iPhoners with the benefit of unlimited photo storage.

With this app, users are allowed to store endless HQ photos in their Google account with as much as 15GB capacity for their Google drive space.

Google’s Smart search tool helps users find popular objects, places and event photos. Even iOS 10 version of the Apple’s app follows the similar approach.

2. Facetune 2

This is a new freemium version of a photo editor that will surely make your selfie experience much more fun. Facetune 2 has got all amazing features you need to make your look enhanced in your mobile snapshots. Some of its exciting features are-

  • Appearance adjustment
  • Common editing features
  • Compare tool
  • Magic camera

Through in-app s and subscription, users can redeem more tools within the app.


JEFIT app could be the best mature resource for people looking to increase their strength and build a mighty physique. Through its database of thousands of effective workout routines, users can hit their fitness goals: strength training and body building.

Some of the specialities of the app are:

  • Various routines categories based on target body part
  • Detailed instructions
  • A reliable workout planner
  • Detailed exercise videos
  • Progress tracker & Timers
  • Options to personalize your JEFIT profile

Supporting real-time exercise regimen, the app looks complete. Its free version supports ads, its pro offers more advanced features and ad-free experience.

4. Housecraft

Housecraft can fulfil your house redecorating dreams. Using iPhone’s augmented reality capabilities, the app gives you a neat view of how a new piece of furniture you are thinking to buy will look in your house.

The app lets you choose 3D models of couches, chairs, computer desks, coffee tables, vases and any other piece and place them virtually in your home.

5. Kindle

Being quite a celebrated app among readers, Amazon’s kindle helps users harness their digital library on their device. Kindle is a great marketplace for book lovers and the best ever e-book reader online.

Benefits of Kindle:

  • Its book viewer offers customizable features so that readers can configure different components of reading as per their taste.
  • You can adjust font size, background colour intensity and zoomed view as you desire.
  • The app also keeps you on the same page by automatically synchronizing your reading progress across devices in use.
  • It has reader-friendly features such as bookmarks and notes.

6. Google Trips

Google understands their users like no other app. Here is Google Trips that literally brings your Smartphone to its real use by transforming it into a handy travel companion. It organizes your travel itineraries and reservations from your emails into properly sorted trips.

How it works:

  • Seemingly cognitive, this app collects various details of your hotel booking, car and flight reservations and tour routes
  • Google Trips then learn about your interests and tastes to enrich your trip with considerable recommendations of outing plans, local sightseeing
  • Its offline support allows users to save the consolidated trips details locally to their iPhone, saving on Wi-Fi or other heavy roaming charges

7. Quik

GoPro’s Quik is an AI-based video assembly app that helps you edit your footage’s and intelligently transforms your video and photos into cool, snazzy montage video.

This smart app has intelligent ability to choose major highlights and moments from up-to 200 photos and video clips saved either in your internal memory or on cloud.

Users can:

  • Adjust visual effects, put texts and titles over the video
  • Select from free 80 songs to go with the video
  • Alternatively add your own music
  • Save the videos in two resolutions
  • Even share it across various social media channels

8. Uber

By 2018, Uber has made a household name for an on-demand taxi booking and sharing app. In the field of public transformation, Uber has almost dominated others and disrupted the market with its flexible services and powerful momentum.

Uber enables users to:

  • Easily set up their account
  • Book/share a cab within quick seconds
  • Avail premium black car service
  • Save time and waiting on fare bargaining

Uber calculates your cab fare automatically by credit card or PayPal.

With new iOS 10 device, you can use voice command for Siri to order an Uber ride for you.

9. Dropbox

Deemed as pioneer in cloud storage, Dropbox helps you with the online storage of various files and documents and you can easily access them across any device you use on the go.

  • With Dropbox, users can enjoy:
  • Minimum 2GB of storage capacity
  • Syncing their files and photos
  • Offline access feature for quick look
  • Sharing files with peers
  • Sending files to people without Dropbox account
  • Collaborating with fellow members for work

10. AccuWeather

Before you go out for the day, it is nice to be updated on weather conditions. This is what AccuWeather does. It keeps users informed of detailed weather forecasts in detailed fashion. It can give 15-day outlook and minute predictions of hyperlocal climate.

AccuWeather’s outstanding features:

  • Animated weather information
  • In-depth Forecast summaries
  • Radar maps
  • Customizable forecast details
  • Climate-related videos
  • Apple SmartWatch support for quick weather report

11. Waze

In a traffic-packed city, Waze could be a real time saver. It is a brilliant useful navigation app that comes handy when you are driving on your own inside the city.

Waze is your best navigation assistant that minimizes your traffic burden by finding you the fastest, frictionless and efficient driving routes to your destination.

This is what Waze does:

  • Provides Focused navigation assistance
  • Delivers Real-time traffic updates
  • Collects reports from other Waze users
  • Enables automatic rerouting
  • Provides cheap gas alerts
  • Makes you aware of time-consuming obstacles/situations

12. Tweetbot

No one can deny the power Tweeter as a social media platform gives its users. It drives people’s lives in so many incredible ways.

However, its official mobile app is not in its fully mature form, causing users a good amount trouble finding new posts.

The app is constantly updating and adding new features, which often results in inconvenience.

Tweetbot comes to your rescue as it is simple to use and allows for a chronological feed on Tweeter in a straightforward fashion.

13. Venmo

Tired of worrying about trying different payment methods for people you pay? Try Venmo, a person-to-person payment app powered by PayPal. With Venmo, you can make and share hassle-free payments to anyone you wish.

Offerings of the app:

  • Users can instantly pay anyone using your balance in Venmo account.
  • It also allows you to link your bank account or debit card, which makes it a great option for people who regularly exchange money with various sources.
  • Users can trust it with information security since the app has data encryption system that protects all your financial information.

14. OpenTable

Open Table is the app designed to save you from the last minute struggle for table reservations at your favourite restaurant.

The app is a reliable restaurant finder and reservation aid that users can use to search for restaurants by cuisine, speciality, rates, date and proximity.

With OpenTable, users can:

  • View the more than 43,000 restaurants worldwide
  • Spot the place on the map
  • Refer to their business details
  • Check its photos, reviews and menus
  • Book unoccupied tables
  • Invite guests
  • Use Siri to book a reservation

15. Overcast

If you are addicted to power audio quality, Overcase is a must-have iOS podcast app for 2019 generation. It offers flawless design standard and high-quality powerful audio and podcast management experience.

Feature-rich and clutter-free, Overcast seamlessly supports episode playbacks and downloads, offline play and online streaming and notifies you of new episodes.

Some of the sterral features of Overcast app are:

  • Deft performance
  • Online streaming
  • Voice boost for normal sound levels
  • Smart speed for gaps recovery in the podcast
  • Zero audio distortion

Words in conclusion:

These are just a few great apps among the pool of cool apps for new iPhone (2019). Of course, we have not included gaming, entertainment and other usable location finding apps since the list compiles the most essential apps for Apple’s new model.

The best aspect to notice about some of these apps is that Siri’s intelligence is seamlessly integrated to provide users with unforgettable experience and luxury of convenience. As the year proceeds on, we can expect to see much more powerful apps built with latest technological innovations.

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