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Consumers Prefer Use of Retailer Apps In-Store

Consumers Prefer Use of Retailer Apps In-Store

Consumers prefer retailers to execute mobile applications that can be used for in-store s which offer more convenience and personalization.

Nowadays, shoppers are preferring to use technology such as mobile apps for in-store shopping that can speed up the shopping experience.

A study by Apadmi shows that one out of five customers wishes the retailers to implement applications to make their shopping experiences more personalized and convenient. Retailers can use beacon-powered mobile apps that notify shoppers on in-store offers and recommends about store products.

“Nick Black, CEO of Apadmi, said technology is slowly crossing the retail channels as consumers become more used to shopping on mobile devices, and more consumers will expect to be able to use their devices in-store”.

“There is a need among consumers for retailers to make better use of technology in-store to make every aspect of the shopping journey more enjoyable,” said Black.

“As shoppers continue to embrace mobile e-commerce and retail apps, the in-store experience needs to remain relevant and incorporate the benefits that can be achieved through shopping online.”

Almost 46% of consumers also expect retailers to provide Wi-Fi inside the shops. A quarter of consumers also would like to use mobile apps to check out in-stores, avoid queue or even order products online and pick them up in-store.

The number of consumers downloading such online shopping apps has been increasing day by day with one in 10 people in the UK downloading apps in last 12 months.

Consumers Prefer Use of Retailer Apps In-Store
But many brands are still struggling in the early stages of offering real omni channel experiences such as easy payment, personalization and single customer journey.

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