13 Best WiFi Analyzer App For Android and iOS

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13 Best WiFi Analyzer App For Android and iOS

WiFi connectivity is not always the piece of cake, be it at office or at home. There are many smartphone users who struggle and cope with dysfunctional or weak WiFi networks that often lose its signal or connection.

As technology has evolved and innovations are around, users want something that provides well-optimized network to efficiently use internet data.

The closest solution to this is turning to modern WiFi analyzer app available for Android and iOS. These apps are perfect choice for mobile users who seek optimal means of resolving WiFi network issues.

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Take a look at some of the best contemporary Wifi analyzer app for Android and iOS devices.

1. WiFi Analyzer [Android, iOS]

WiFi Analyzer is remarkably popular app in Android world used to optimize your existing WiFi network. It does not require location permission and offers new ways to analyze and optimize your WiFi networks.

wifi analyzer app

Once you install it, your device turns into an active WiFi analyzer and starts recommending best place for your network. To minimize interference and signal vulnerability, WiFi Analyzer will get you all real-time optimization information including distance measurement, hidden WiFis and history of signal strength.

wifi anlayzer rating

The analyzer helps you achieve strong connection stability and speed. For nearby WiFi sources on Android, this one works best.

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2. Network Analyzer [Android, iOS]

The Network Analyzer is one of the most considerable WiFi analyzer apps for iOS in this list. Highly approachable, the app is paid and designed to help iPhone users troubleshoot and diagnose numerous problems related to WiFi networks.

network analyzer - wifi analyzer app

It helps with poor signal strength, latent networks or connection stability or other relevant challenges. Its powerful WiFi scanner can quickly detect all proximate network devices and performs DNS lookup.


It gathers and delivers data from any wireless network and tests both upload and download speed. However, it costs 4,49 € if you wish to make the most out of its incredible features.

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3. ScanFi [Android]

ScanFi is another functional WiFi scanner app for Android users. It helps you effortlessly scan nearby networks on your premises and allows you to enjoy a host of high-end features that come handy when performing precise WiFi analysis.

ScanFi - wifi analyzer app

Its scanning caliber ranges from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. It is known to show you graphical view of network activity with accurate data on available access points, signal strength and network speed as well as hidden access point.

Apparently, ScanFi turns your compatible device into an efficient WiFi analyzer.

Google Play


4. WiFi Monitor [Android]

With a spectacular user interface, WiFi Monitor makes for a substantial resort for WiFi analysis on Android device. Powerful and efficient, WiFi Monitor is an easy-to-use network analyzer with several tabs to enrich user experience such as connection tab, network tab, channels tab and more.

Wifi-Monitor-app - wifi analyzer app

Connection tab stands for data on available WiFi networks and network tab does the job of analyzing those networks based on many essential technical considerations.

Channels tab enables you to check the Wifi channel traffic. Its several charts include area-specific signal strength details and sent and received data.

Google Play


5. Scany [iOS]

Despite its dark, ominous color theme that may deceive many, Scany iOS is not a suspicious hacking app. In fact, it is a device-friendly iOS app and seen as the exemplary WiFi analyzer for iOS devices.

Scany - wifi analyzer app

It helps scan for nearest wireless networks and detect the devices using them. It does all the usual tasks of a typical WiFi analyzer and also features fast port scanner and real-time traceroute monitor for networks.

As with many iOS apps, this one also charges a few bucks. Scany iOS normally costs € 6.99 and works for all latest iOS versions.

App Store


6. Network Signal Info [Android]

This app fits close to WiFi Analyzer mentioned at the top of the list in its features and functionality. Using this app, users can accurately scan nearest WiFi networks to fetch the details about existing working Wi-Fi networks.

Network-signal - wifi analyzer app

Precise and powerful, Network Signal Info is user-friendly and rightfully boasts of being accurate in showing exact signal strength. The app also shows you data on many technical aspects of connected networks such SSID networks, MAC address, data transfer and Gateway IP address and more.

There are both paid and free version, with paid version offering ads-free experience and other fascinating features.

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Google Play


7. Fing [Android, iOS]

Fing is an easy-to-use network scanner for iOS devices quite popular for domestic use as well as among millions of professional users.

Fing - wifi analyzer app

The free app helps users discover network devices and diagnose common WiFi problems that occur frequently. Some of the leading hallmarks of Fing WiFi scanner include advanced analytical capabilities, subnet scanner, internet connectivity checker, network intruder detection tools and more.


It also identifies device via IP address over bridged networks, which is unique. Fing is regularly upgraded since its release, and to your delight, the latest Fing iOS version offers compatibility for devices on iOS 9.0 and later.

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8. WiFi Manager [Android, iOS]

WiFi Manager surfaces as an ideal option for you if you crave an app for managing all the WiFi connections at times. Apart from settling for the best WiFi network available in the vicinity, the app also offers many amazing features that may surprise you.

Wifi-Manager - wifi analyzer app

One of its outstanding traits is its perfectly designed graphical channel radar system that helps you gain enhanced connection quality of the wireless networks. It handles several WiFi signals simultaneously.


It is compatible and suitable for both office and home network.

Google PlayApp Store


9. Open Signal [Android, iOS]

Open Signal is a great app designed to monitor both WiFi and cellular networks. Packed with many incredible features, it is a powerful Wifi analyzer for Android.

Open-Signal - wifi analyzer app

It helps connect with nearest mobile network, identify accurate signal strength, performs speed tests and detects connection quality.


Its in-detailed network analysis contains exact wireless network information you need. This app can be downloaded and used for free and does not annoy you with ads.


10. WiFi Analyzer [Android]

WiFi Analyzer is there to solace those who are struggling with WiFi networks around their home. This is a home WiFi alert app and it shows you graphical details of connected WiFi networks.

Offering the perfect router network utilities, WiFi Analyzer also helps you monitor and secure your domestic networks at home and office by means of its in-built tools.

Wifi-alert - wifi analyzer app

The app is favorably designed to boost your link speed and it does so by analyzing the signal quality of configured WiFi networks in Database.

Quite user-friendly, WiFi Analyzer is really a viable option for all types of Android users, be it beginners or experienced geeks.

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11. IT tools [iOS]

Technically sound and sharp, IT tools is basically a versatile suite of networking tools designed to focus mainly on packet tracing. There is an integrated WiFi analyzer, though, contained within IT tools for iOS devices.

IT-Tools - wifi analyzer app

The WiFi network analyzer supports scanning IPv6 and handles mDNS and Bonjour services along with TXT record data. The multitasker app has continuous trace route and shows you relevant details on the network hops.


Its smart visualization technique makes it easy for users to understand the gathered data. The app is priced at 6,99 € which is a regular charge.

App Store


12. WiFi Data Signal Analyzer [Android]

WiFi Data Signal Analyzer for Android is a recommendable tool for regular WiFi users. Just like other WiFi analyzers included in the list, this one also performs the same analysis of WiFi networks open around you.

WiFi data helps you with signal strength analysis, connection quality and up-to-date status of the wireless network in use. It contains four table based on individual functionality such as connection tab, access points list tab, channels tab and signal tab.

Wifi-Data - wifi analyzer app

One can easily get used to this app because of its simple user-friendly interface.

Google Play


13. WiFi Router master [Android]

WiFi Router Master targets three areas while working on WiFi analysis: speed, stability and connection. It analyzes the networks to provide the reliable information on WiFi network optimization to solve interference in signals.

The app also boosts connection speed and stability to make it more consistent while showing you WiFi connection history and hidden networks.

WiFi Router is a dependable WiFi analyzer for nearby Aps and keep you updated in real time on distance and data.

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You have numerous choices if you want to find WiFi analyzer app for Android and iOS. Before you choose the one for your device, try to gauge the performance, efficiency and ease.

It is important to notice that the perfect WiFi analyzer app is the one that contains all the stunning features, is easy to use and helps you achieve optimal network conditions with enhanced connection.

Try to install and learn more about these apps and figure out which one would best suit your needs.



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