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Apps for Commuter Convenience Introduced in Thane, WB by Transport Departments

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Apps for Commuter Convenience Introduced in Thane, WB by Transport Departments

To take the transportation sector to real-time digital mode the Thane Municipal Transport and the Government of West Bengal has introduced navigational mobile apps for commuter convenience.

To provide real-time location the Thane Municipality has launched ‘whereismytmtbus’ a live tracking system for all TMT buses. The app will provide the expected arrival time, nearest destination, specific route fares, seating availability in bus etc.

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Commuters can also book tickets and renew passes through the ‘whereismytmtbus’ app.

The West Bengal government has also introduced an app called ‘Pathadisha’ App and fare smart card in state-running buses. The app launched by the West Bengal Transport Minister Subhendu Adhikary was an initiative of the Vision 2016 of the WB transport department. This app will help in the smart, simple and transparent way of commuting.

The ‘Pathadisha’ app aims at giving 24*7 service to the common people. The app will also provide smart cards up to Rs 1000 for boarding the government buses.

The initiative of launching such navigational apps will stop theft in expenses of the state transport, save bus employees and passengers from the crisis and bring clarity in the system. This is a part of the process to take the transport sectors to real-time digital mode.




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