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Apple Launches App Accelerator in India to Promote iOS App Development

Apple Launches App Accelerator in India to Promote iOS App Development

Global tech giant, Apple has opened its new App Accelerator in Bengaluru to support India’s iOS developer community.

At the app accelerator center, experts will lead briefings and provide app reviews for iOS developers. Apple calls the mission “the first-of-its-kind facility” for the nation which already has more than 10,000 developers who make iOS apps.

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The aim of the program is to help developers in India to build high-quality iOS applications and help them promote those apps globally. The plans for the program was announced by Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook in last May during a trip to India.

India is considered as an expanding software development community in iOS app development. According to the research firm Evans Data, the fastest growing population of app developers in the world is found in the Asia-Pacific region with China and India in leads.

And this is one main reason why the major US tech powers like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon are scrambling to expand footholds in India.

Redbytes IN website
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