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Apple Introduced TV App Store, Tops 1000 Apps

Apple Introduced TV App Store, Tops 1000 Apps

Apple launched TV App Store, following the release of its revamped streaming media player that went on sale last week.

The TV App Store had only 100s of titles while it launched, but that grew to be more than 1,000 during the weekend, according to the independent 3rd party reports.

With over 1,000 apps, some categories on the Apple TV App Store would only have few titles in total resulting in poor user experience, Apple likely believed.

Now apple’s official rankings confirm those previous findings, pointing to top paid apps which are mainly games, including Galaxy On Fire, Lumino City, and Alto’s Adventure.

“Apple’s miss of Top Charts in a App Store for a new Apple TV usually goes to uncover an Apple TV software, tvOS in a stream state is really unpolished,” says Boserup. “There is no approach for developers to get their apps detected though removing featured on a front page – that is not expected to happen,” he says.

In addition, apps seem to be labeled higher than iOS apps, 9to5Mac reported, observant that it was common for apps to be in a range of $5 to $10, and really few labeled during $0.99 as on an iOS App Store.

According to a data rested daily, 1,025 total apps were live on an Apple TV App Store as of final night.

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