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Vsmart is an application that provides CA coaching to students where the entire course is well defined in terms of videos and PDF files. This is an e-Learning program which brings top-notch guidance on the digital platform and is designed to help students score well in the competition.


The user can register or sign up to the Vsmart app using their mobile numbers and by adding a password.


• App showcases the list of CA courses from which the user can select the necessary course and play the corresponding videos or PDF files

• Once the user selects the course- Fundamentals of Accounting, user can start downloading study materials in the form of videos and PDF files

• Registered mobile number will be reflected on the screen while videos are played by the user

• Videos are stored in the encrypted format and after downloading it is converted to the decrypted format so that others cannot get access to the videos. Within the app, only the authorized users get access to the videos and other study materials

• While the videos are played, Wi-Fi and hotspot are to be kept off so that no other devices can share the documents

• After downloading the files, it cannot be moved, copied or shared to other local devices

• Videos are downloaded in the form of chunks from the server and is stored in the encrypted format on the local storage space. When videos are played, it gets decrypted and stored in split format

• User cannot play the videos on TV from the mobile device

Technical Information

• Security is given high priority while creating the app and here are the highlights:

• USB Debugging is restricted so that files cannot be copied to external devices.

• Videos are stored in Encrypted format so once the videos are downloaded, it gets converted to decrypted format

• Videos are stored as splits in Server: File mp3 are converted to .ts format by using ff.mpeg algorithm

• Blue tooth, Wi-Fi are in disabled state when videos are played

• No copy or move actions are possible for videos

• Screen recording feature is restricted while the downloaded video is playing

• The registered number is displayed on the screen while video is played

• Videos are downloaded as chunks to the server



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