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4 Awesome Tips to Improve Indie Mobile Game Development

4 Awesome Tips to Improve Indie Mobile Game Development

Indie mobile game development can be a serious revenue source or a side hobby for many. Regardless of why we do it, we all love the taste of triumph in what we do. Here are some simple yet valuable tips that you could keep in mind when you set out to try your luck with mobile game development.

Search! Search! Search!

Before Google came, retrieving information was a lot more difficult task. You had to spend hours in libraries and skim through dozens of books to arrive at some specific information that you had been trying to find out.

Well, times have changed now. It’s a good thing that the internet came into our lives. There is lot of free information available online. From baking a cake to building a robot, no matter what you are looking for, you’ll find one or another article that deals with the subject.

A developer practising indie mobile game development, should tap the resources that one has easy access to and benefit from it. A good research is the key to problem solving most of the times. Best advice – Explore, learn, share your views and get help from communities.

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Only Hardwork Pays, in Mobile Game Development Atleast

Success doesn’t come overnight. And there is also no shortcut for it. Ideas are diverse, situations are diverse, and individual abilities are diverse. As a matter of fact, there is no universal formula to be victorious.

All successful devs and startups have gone through ups and downs and have faced many obstacles before making it there. Times of difficulties are common when you try to get established in every scenario. Things could go intractable and overly messed up. But that’s how you learn to solve them and take steps to prevent them. Every failure adds to your experience and knowledge.

“The way anything is developed is through practice practice practice and more practice.” – Joyce Meyer

It is worth noticing that as a general rule, we learn everything by practice. And with much practice and persistence there comes perfection. A good indie game developer should keep playing until he/she gets it right.

Beware of the Deceptions

Sadly, we all should admit that we live in a corrupt world. There are people who are trying to take advantage of you out there. Thousands of devs are being deceived every year around the globe. Being too honest to everyone whom you meet in the first place may put you and your work in great danger.

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Always be careful when dealing with people whose whereabouts are unknown to you. Be aware of the common tactics and schemes used by crooks to trick people. Look out for any fraudulent behaviour or unusual declarations made by the other party. Do a thorough research on the identity of a stranger before you give out any critical information about your project to them.


In businesses, interaction is very important for growth. In today’s rapidly changing development environment, social skills matter more than anything. It helps you to keep updated about what’s new and trendy in the industry. Following people with similar interest is a great way to discuss ideas, share views, stay up-to-date, and get support.

Indie game devs with smaller budgets could improve their game’s visibility by actively participating in gaming events and festivals. They can meet potential customers, publishers, other professionals and even get noticed by the media this way. Another major advantage of attending a public gathering is that you get a chance to playtest your game and collect feedback for improvement.

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