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4 Misconceptions about Video Game Localization Testing

4 Misconceptions about Video Game Localization Testing

It is common knowledge that testing is required for every phase of a mobile game development process, be it for design or for coding. Similarly, testing is an unavoidable step after mobile game localization. It should be remembered that translation and localization are related, but they are not one and the same thing. Check out the most common video game misconceptions in localization testing.

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1. A localization tester re-writes the entire game: The most important thing that mobile game development companies notice in the tested games are whether the brand names and anything related to the company’s intellectual properties are misspelled or not. As a matter of fact, the possibility of finding an entirely re-written game from the market is very rare.

One reason that this is not practical is the infinite number of alterations made to the original script given, by the time you reach the deadline. Apart from that, most game owners won’t be so sure about the terminology guidelines initially.

So, translation testers would naturally be required to put more effort in finding contradictions to company’s identity from the text rather than using conjunctions and prepositions of the language correctly. This does not mean that translation of other components are not important, but the priority rests with the aforementioned ones.

2. A localization tester can shorten anything at will: Translators often face this issue where you need to place a relatively longer sentence inside a severely finite space. We all know that overflowing and overlapping texts are gross to look at. It will destroy the beauty of a well designed game.

It is a popular misconception that a localization tester is allowed to shorten a string of text at will. Testers need to get through a long and tiresome procedure, if they want to get even a single line of text changed. Yet, most often they are not allowed to shorten them just like that. The only option that seems to be available in most of the cases will be to abbreviate those long text strings, which would make an otherwise stunning UI, ruined.

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3. A localization tester knows everything about censoring for particular markets: Every country has different rules regulating the circulation of contents, for example the usage of curse words or the extent of vulgarity or gore shown. In a country like Italy, there are specific rules to prevent the use of blasphemies, Vatican being very near. In some countries, there is a culture wise difference in the permissibilities, though they might not be legally enforced.

Something that is legally lawful to be sold in one country could be found offensive and spread against the law in other countries. Also, the openness of the contents that users of different age groups can be exposed to is well defined by the legal systems in all countries.

Many publishers and mobile game development companies think that it is entirely a tester’s job to know everything about the permissibilities and prohibitions prevalent in the countries of the targeted markets. It is important to understand that a tester is not a law person after all and needs to be properly directed about any such requirements.

4. A localization tester knows their native language better than the translators: It is mandatory that tester’s need expertise and good knowledge in using the local language, preferably greater than translators, but this is not definitely the case a lot of times. If testers have lesser competence and language skills than the translators, they will find it difficult to comprehend what the translator meant, while trying to edit the script.

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