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13 Best Mobile App Development Software In 2018

13 Best Mobile App Development Software In 2018

Considering the fact that use of mobiles becomes a predominant part of the contemporary lifestyle of 21st century people, mobile app development software is a trend that carries a lot of meaning. Businesses have to rely on this incessant trend since their customers spend a great chunk of their day fiddling with their device. This is why every next organization and entrepreneur is looking to add a mobile app to their online website with an aim to touch their widest customer base.

Therefore, mobile application development platforms are an undeniable necessity for businesses that need a dedicated mobile app for their customers. It is because of modern day app making software that building an app has become more cost-effective, simplified, and faster than before. So if you are a businessman trying to transform your mobile app concept into reality, you must choose the best mobile app development software.

So here is 13 best mobile app development software in 2018:

1. Appy Pie

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a cloud based DIY mobile app creation tool that makes it simple and swift to create apps. This app maker touches several businesses. For example, you can create a commercial app for booking online appointments (for doctors, salon, spa & massage therapy centres)or alternatively you can design an introductory app with a tinge of gamification features within it.

Users who are all new to programming and coding can find it easy to use Appy Pie and build apps across Windows, Android or iOS platforms. All you need to do is to drag pages and Appy Pie will create your dream mobile app – which you can publish it on Google Play or iTunes.

The best enjoyable part about this app development software is that it has its own analytical tool that combines with Google Analytics to keep you updated about the current status of your app users.

With a clean interface and generous support options of Appy Pie, you can achieve the following:

Push notifications
Live analytics monitoring
In app add monetization
GPS Tracking

Making an app with Appy pie, however, involves multiple plans each offering varied features from basic to enterprise level. Its highest Platinum plan allows you to develop apps that are compatible with major device platforms.

2. AppMakr


AppMakr is a feature-rich app creation software that provides not only a gamut of custom-made templates but also offers economical pricing plans to develop apps for various businesses. Regardless of whether or not you have previous experience in the field of coding and programming, AppMakr allows you to build fascinating apps with minimal maintenance for Android and iOS devices.

General businesses that can gain maximum benefits from this user-friendly mobile app development software are: Religious institutions, restaurants, schools and formal academic establishments, and commercial shops.

It has an excellent Pro plan that removes ads, allows for highly customizable design and affords abundant features for entrepreneurs who desire to reap maximum value from one centralized app.

With AppMakr, you can enjoy:
Push notifications and messages
Ease of branding and custom design
High resolution interface/imagery
Real-time updates
Program dashboard
Splash pages and custom icons

The only drawback of using AppMakr is that it is incompatible for tablets.


Despite the difficulty involved in coding and programming while creating an app using, it is still one of the significant app makers in the market. The most charming thing about this software is that it is compatible in the Window Store. It is definitely not easy, though, to create a mobile app with as it comes with a bigger learning curve than other available app creators in the market.

How comfortable you are building apps with the software depends on where you stand in your programming skills. With that said, can make the app development challenging or enjoyable based on your knowledge and competency. Developers should possess some experience in working with JavaScript and HTML.

The app built using is compatible in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, and also with Window 10 mobile.

The eventual result of as an app maker is wonderful since it offers great customer engagement value and better customer experience than other app makers in the list. Additionally, the app utilizes GPS sensor that helps customers easily locate your business.

In the end, if you are curious to learn more and prepared to dive deeper into the world of programming, there is a lot you can do with great control offered by

4. AppMachine


Whether you want to build an app from the ready website content or you are planning to start it from scratch, AppMachine enables you to create custom apps in the most simplified way possible. AppMachine has its inherent block-building system that offers unbelievable ease while developing a layout of your mobile app. Another enormous privilege the software gives is its numerous support options and clarity of tool identification, resulting in the short learning curve.

Some of the prominent features of AppMachine software are:

Wide range of templates
Numerous support options (blogs, tutorials, FAQs, User guide,)
Impeccable interface
Tools to engage customers
Ease of use and implementation
Lucid interface with clear features
Simplified interaction through effective navigation
Intuitive and quick upload of website content

AppMachine uses Lego imagery that helps users understand the ways to develop different features. It also allows developers to modify and play with every single element of design to get the best final outcome.

Availing the drag-and-drop facility and source code editor, you can edit and customize various app features even if you have no prior experience in heavy coding. The apps made with the software are compatible across all platforms, which saves designers a lot of time and headache.

AppMachine’s analytical tools are more productive and insightful than Google analytics in comparison, which is another merit of using the software.

The biggest con of the software is that you have to tolerate its logo – which can be removed if you are willing to pay a substantial amount of fee.

5. GoodBarber


GoodBarber can be a fast friend to those beginners who don’t have a way with coding to build a great, marketable app. Similar to website creating platform, GoodBarber works well while creating iPhone and Android apps. The app development software offers great choices for Google fonts and icons that come handy while customizing your app.

It offers close to 50 professional themes and effective customization tools to create an app of your choice. It also offers excellent content creation tools and enhances the chance of better customer engagement. Some of the industries that are likely to be impacted by GoodBarber are: Non-profit organizations, Churches, restaurants, informational apps, local businesses, etc.

The best part about GoodBarber software is that it stands out from the crowd of other app builders when it comes to measuring its usability. Moreover, it also lets you eliminate its logo to add your own.

With GoodBarber, it is easy to import content from your website just by entering the URL.

The noticeable demerit of the app creator is that it doesn’t offer industry-specific themes. Also, the app builder is not compatible with Windows Store.

6. Swiftic


If you it is your online business you want to promote and enhance its customer base, Swiftic is a great app builder software. Swiftic is one of those mobile app making software that dwells in the category of easy-to-use and easy-to-explore interface with intuitive qualities and effortless navigation. Due to its incredibly brilliant programmer-friendly attributes, this app maker is considered to be something that any developer can depend on to create the remarkable app.

Some of its stunning pros are:

Intuitive app development process
Flawless interface and easy navigation
Attractive templates
Developer-friendly scheduling tool
Easy-to-use dashboard
Automatic import of website content
Enhanced user engagement through multimedia options
Click-to-call feature for instant business connection

The most stellar quality of Swiftic is its ability to allow for easy reflection of changes and adjustments made to your mobile app across Android and iPhone devices. This means that you can go ahead and connect your website and Facebook page to your mobile app in order to reduce design labour and accelerate the speed of app creation.

Its rich Multimedia options allow you to feature content from YouTube, Soundcloud and more, which ultimately helps you engage with many users at times.

With Swiftic, you can think of creating apps that are as simple as lifestyle or as big as organizational purpose, online store or restaurant. Its scheduling tool is a unique element that is designed to create appointment/booking apps for Spa, barber shop, guesthouse or massage centre.

Taking into account all business-centric features offered by the app, Swiftic is definitely the software that can boost your business customers in long run.

7. Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps

As the name suggests, the sole purpose of designing the Bizness Apps software is to create apps for small and medium scale businesses. It offers faster, cost effective and easier methods to design a beautiful, most functional app for varied businesses. Bizness Apps provides a platform with which one can build your own app for your business or build it for others and resell it later.

The app maker bestows on you the following pros:
Drag-and-drop interface
Custom features and appearance
Ease of coding
Content creation and marketing tools
Versatile across multiple platforms

The best part about Buziness Apps is its ability to enable simple QR code generation. The app builder is a boon to those who would want to see their business grow rapidly through in-app or on-site marketing and better customer engagement.

Using its drag and drop interface, you can choose the best of app’s features and tweak its appearance as desired. At the back end, the app creator helps with coding, making it easy for developers to build the business app. Its mobile app builder plan works well for making a sturdy app for business owners.

The app maker is truly versatile as you can work HTML5 to create a solid app that supports all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.

8. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie

This is a common app creator which allow anyone to create Android or iOS apps where you can provide almost all necessary features for your client. This software is generally used by start-ups, SMEs, agencies, enterprises etc. With almost 7 different versions on list, this platform supports categories like event schedules, maps, music streaming, photo & video galleries etc.


  • Geo-based platform that supports all media types with automatic importing of RSS
  • Saas based mobile app development platform
  • Developers can use data in different form like XML, HTML, JSON and CSV
  • This software checks the quality of the content and guides the user through the entire submission process
  • Its available in both free and paid versions and the free version has limited features

9. AppInstitute


This is one of he easiest platform to make both Android and iOS mobile applications. With simple modules to build an app, this feature enables creating apps for businesses more easy and customizable.


  • Developers doesn’t require to have any knowledge in coding
  • Using existing templates you can create apps
  • Has the feature of drag and drop editor
  • This software also consist of CRM tool which allows users to track your sales, oush notifications and analytics
  • Consist of templates that can cater various business needs like medical centres, coffee shops etc.
  • Consist of almost 20 robust modules that can add flexibility and functionality to apps

10. Sencha


This is an online based Java script tool that is mainly used to design develop and even test enterprise based apps. The main aim of this tool is to add high-quality responsiveness to mobile app in order to generate better user experience to app users. Supporting all platforms, this tool can be used to create mobile application in all desired versions of Android, iOS and Blackberry.


  • Apps made with this tool is easy, convenient and much faster than the mobile version of certain websites
  • Can drive competitive advantage for your businesses
  • Its an open platform that integrates to you current app environment
  • This platform follows MVC pattern which separates app data, view & control code
  • Has in-built DOM manipulation interface
  • Consist of 8 in-built transition effects

11. Zoho Creator

Zoho creator

This is an online cloud software database builder that can help you create to perfect app for your business. Without any prior coding experience, Zoho creator allows developers to create Android apps anywhere, any ime and on any device.


  • Has easy drag and drop interface
  • Lets to create custom mobile application quickly
  • Define right rules for data processing
  • It can schedule tasks, automate recurring actions, receive notifications & reminders
  • Can be used for app in all major platforms
  • Collage and manage your data in the form that suits your businesses

12. Xamarin


This is a cross-platform app tool that is mainly used to built Android & iOS apps using visual studio. As this platform allows you to create a program using a single code base, it can save a vast amount of time. Xamarin which is an extension of Visual Studio can seamelessly port to multiple platforms without extending the development time.

  • Lets to code with C#
  • Consist of Mono .NET framework and a compiler
  • Assures a flawless user experience
  • This platform is learner friendly and the number of bugs while programming is comparitively less
  • Code reusability
  • API Intergration with open source technology
  • Has comprehensive hardware support

13. Corona 


An ideal platform that is apt in creating applications and mobile games for desktops and mobile devices. In this you can create apps in one devices and publish it to multiple devices including iPhone, Android, Windows etc.

  • Based on open source scripting language Lua
  • Develop for crossplatforms with a single code base
  • Include interactive and graphic rich design to your application
  • Allows you monetize quickly and easily
  • Has a growing community of developers
  • Dominant APIs & Fast frame per second
  • Developers get the full right to the codes they create using Lua

How to choose the best App builder software?

When it comes to developing mobile apps, you will meet with many options available in the market. The decision as to what platform works best for you depends on your needs, features, capabilities, pricing and convenience offered by it. Your own experience with coding and the length of learning curve may strengthen your decision to choose a specific mobile app maker.

With that said, focus on the following most essential app deciding factors before you come to a final choice:

OS Compatibility
Content creation and marketing tools
Customer engagement scope
Numerous Support options

If you are a novice and first-timer, you may opt for the app builder platform that offers you great ease and comfort while coding and programming. In this case, you can select the free or basic plan which helps you on your course of learning. As soon as you are confident and have gained enough hands-on knowledge, you can switch to the subsequent plans with more capabilities and detailed features.

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