Master Class Series is an effective, trusted and useful way of bridging the gap between Academia and professional world. With the same intentions of helping participants to understand the mobile world and get them to industry standards Redbytes has designed these programs. All the programs are designed by experienced and seasoned professionals with industry experience of not less than 15+ years. These programs are today’s need.

Master Class Series in Corona SDK

Corona SDK, is the world’s most advanced development platform with more than 120K developers worldwide using it to develop games, ebooks, utilities and business apps. Here are some of the features that make Corona SDK the best SDK.
• Ease to use (No pre-programming knowledge or experience required)
• Short development cycle (One can develop an app or game in 8-15 days from conceptualization to deployment) —10X Faster
• Uses Lua programming language, smaller footprint, uses less memory, faster interpreter, has nice, simple and powerful syntax, simple API for talking between script and C and most important does not dictate any particular OO system. Instead you can build your own (using meta-methods) and tailor it to your need
• Cross platform deployment facility (iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook) —Code less play more
• Support– Community Forums, Meet-up groups, On-line tutorials and much more
• Free Trial Software (SDK—Kit)

Master Class Series in Android

Android is the latest OS developed by Google for smart phones. It has taken the smart phone industry by storm. Today over 40% of the world’s total smart phones are built on Android and its growing. Besides Android being open source, it is a real treat for programmers and developers to dwell into. Our Master class series will take you through this journey with ease and practical hands on experience.

Master Class Series in iOS

iOS is the world’s leading mobile OS from Apple Inc. Apple has sold more than 365 million devices by the end of March 2012 quarter. The iOS ecosystem continues to expand and thrive with stores in more than 120 countries. The App store sales are also booming with more than 25 billion downloads. Till date Apple remains the leading company in case of smart devices sales and iOS the chosen development OS for developing app & games for mobile platform. With so many devices sold and apps downloaded it only emphasises the growing requirement of apps. The growing requirement of apps will automatically lead to the demand of well versed and experienced professionals to develop them. Our Master class series in iOS helps students to expand on their existing knowledge base and gives them hands on experience.

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