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Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps (2018)

fitness apps

Does going to the gym sound like a tedious task? In today’s fast-paced world, it is really important to stay fit and healthy, as in this busy life, many suffer from problems related to health, mainly weight gaining and fat related problems. Thanks to smartphones, because Health apps are the answer to this.

We have done some sifting and listed a bunch of apps that are worth giving a shot. Why wait? Let’s take a detailed look into some of the best health and fitness apps (Android & iOS) that will help you have a better life and stay fit.

1. Aaptiv

This is the app for fitness freaks who love personal training. Aaptiv is an in-ear personal trainer who will take your exercises to a whole new level. With more than 2, 500 audio sessions, 15 personal trainers who create new courses every week, this app is everything you need for comprehensive training. Also, the application’s audio instructions are straightforward to follow. Regardless of the workout style (Weightlifting, cardio, etc.) Aaptiv has every class to assist you in accomplishing your fitness goals.

Available: iOS and Android

2. MyFitnessPal

It is one of the most known calorie counters both in App Store and Play Store. MyFitnessPal features a wide range of database with literally thousands of products and dishes. This fantastic calorie counting feature of this app will let you set right goals along with a graph which shows your progress day/week/month-wise. Apart from that, recipe importer and barcode scanner is a couple of other features that make your fitness routine easy and maintainable.

Available: iOS and Android

3. Headspace

This is one hell of a fitness app with millions of users across the globe, and this includes Richard Branson, investor, and philanthropist. Headspace is an excellent application, especially for starters. It offers a free 10-day introduction to practice meditation and once done with that users can unlock next versions with a subscription. Based on your exercise and diet needs and requirements, you can personalize the app accordingly.

Available: iOS and Android

4. Keelo

Made for HIIT training, Keelo is the app if you want to get yourself into a fast and effective workout. By taking leverage of the training methods, this app provides fast-paced workouts that last from minimum 8 minutes to 20 minutes which will give results when done at least thrice in a week. Consisting of both weightlifting and bodyweight workouts, it doesn’t matter whether you are at a gym or anywhere else.

Available: iOS and Android

5. Runtastic

Love running? Then Runtastic is the app for you. Unlike any other running tracker, Runtastic tracks not only running route but also plays motivational songs using its inbuilt audio player. Users can set goals, check daily/weekly progress, and so much more. Regardless of your purpose (Jogging, marathon running, or walking), this application can be fully optimized based on your requirements.

Available: iOS and Android

6. Sworkit

Hate gym due to the crowd or any other reasons? Well, you now don’t have to worry too much about working out. Sworkit is a perfect application. All you need to do is set your goal and provide your current fitness details, and that’s it. You would get a 6-week program with goals to accomplish for every week. Not just that, you can also let the app know how much time you have got in a day, and it customizes the workout sessions according to your schedule.

Available: iOS and Android

7. StrongLifts 5X5 Workout Gym Log & Personal Trainer

It is one of the most effective workout apps to build stronger muscles and burn fat quickly. This app provides three exercises thrice a week, and each workout is almost 45 minutes. StrongLifts 5X5 is the best fitness application that tells you exactly how much weight you need to lift whether it is for building muscles or burning fat. The aspect that sets this app different from other apps is that users get to train not more than three times a week.

Available: iOS and Android

8. Playbook

We all love social media influencers. In fact, we look up to our favorite celebrity trainers for motivation and workout tips. Now, taking this idea and transforming into a concept is what Playbook does. This app personalizes the idea of social media influencers by pairing you with a trainer or an athlete of your choice. Once you decide who your trainer will be, you would get daily updates on your trainer’s workouts and other tips. You can interact with your trainer and other members in his or her training community. Also, you can change your trainers as many times as you want.

Available: iOS

9. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga Studio is an excellent application for both yoga starters and professionals. This app features more than 70 yoga classes with full HD video quality, and a vast library of yoga poses with a comprehensive instruction guide and recommendations. Users also get to create their own personalized HD videos by picking the order and the duration of each pose.

Available: iOS and Android

10. MyPlate by Livestrong

It is a simple tracking app to watch out what you eat in a day. MyPlate provides detailed 8-week meal courses which are customized according to your body type and weight goals.

Once you choose a specific meal plan and a start date (Which usually starts on Monday), you would get daily updates in the form of emails and notifications which includes your grocery list. Also, you can take a quick peek into the quick workouts in the application if you have less time to exercise.

Available: iOS and Android


Well, the above listed are the best health and fitness apps to keep up with your workout routines and diet regimes. All you need now is dedication and consistency. Let us know which app you found useful for your fitness maintenance.