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Technical Lead – App Development

Job Description:

We need someone with expert-level technical skills and expertises, who can manage a fully functional app development team, maintain impeccable quality standards and optimise functions accordingly throughout completion of the app project.

Job Requirements:

  • Degree level qualification or certification in other relevant areas
  • Experience in people management, ability to lead and influence people
  • A mindset to handle multilevel simultaneous system projects right from design to the app launch
  • Implement team goals and objectives
  • Proven experience in tackling complex projects
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, good interaction with internal clients
  • 6+ years of working experience in a reputed firm with strong experience in mobile and web app technologies
  • In-depth understanding of programming languages like Java, C++, Objective C, Swift etc.
  • Work closely with the project managers and business analysts to manage transitions and produce accurate delivery estimates
  • A full stack experience of managing engineers and quality analysts
  • Strong experience in Agile/Water scrum methodologies
  • Good understanding of code coverage and app testing tools
  • Experience of software development using C#, .Net and SQL
  • Oversee the tools, technologies used within the team
  • Overall the candidate should have the ability to lead, motivate and inspire other entire team with effective communication and established credibility



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