3-4 years


Job Description:

The company is looking for a Python developer to join our engineering sector who can maintain various software products. The responsibilities of a Python developer includes writing codes, testing & debugging programs, integrating apps with third-party web services. To be proficient & successful in this role you should have experience in using server-side logic and work well as a team. Ultimately, you’ll be responsible to build highly responsive websites and apps that align with our business requirements.


  • Capable of writing effective and scalable programming codes
  • Develop back-end components with improved responsiveness & overall performance
  • Integrate user-friendly elements into the app
  • Perform tests and debug programs
  • Improve the functionality of existing application systems
  • Implement data protection solutions & security
  • Analyze and prioritize feature requests
  • Coordinate with the project team to understand user requirements
  • Provide technical support if required

Job Requirements:

  • 3-4 years of work experience as Python Developer
  • Experience in working with frameworks like Flask, Django or Pyramid
  • Knowledge related to object-relational mapping
  • Should be familiar with front-end technologies like JavaScript and HTML5
  • Good communication skills and have a great team spirit
  • Have a good analysis and problem-resolving mind
  • Have a degree in BSc Computer Science or Engineering in relevant field



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