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People Losing Interest in Social Media Apps: Report

People Losing Interest in Social Media Apps: Report

A study from SimilarWeb reports that people are spending lesser amount of time on social media apps compared to last year. The comparison was done for the period January to March 2015 and the same period in 2016.

Social media considered were Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. The data was collected from countries including India, South Africa,Germany, Spain,U.S, UK, Australia, Spain and Brazil.

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Instgram suffered the biggest drop as its usage went down by 23.7 percent. It was closely followed by Twitter which experienced a 23.4 percent drop. Snapchat and Facebook were down by 15.7 percent and 8 percent respectively.

In the U.S, which is a traditional strong hold for social media, Facebook went down 6.7 percent while other three – Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram fell 19.2 percent, 27.9 percent and 36.2 percent respectively.

The total number of installs for the big four social media went down by 9 percent as well. But, Messenger (2%) and Whatsapp (15%) – Facebook’s two chatting applications experienced a surge in the number of installs