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Now, Birth Control for Women through Apps!

Now, Birth Control for Women through Apps

Gone are the times when women had to see doctors directly for birth control. Modern day technology now allows women to get birth control through apps.

The hoarde of birth control apps for women include Virtuwell, Nurx, Pillsy, Lemonaid Planned Parenthood and Maven. Ladies just have to fill out a set of questions and submit a photo for verification. A doctor will review the details. Certain apps even allow iPhone uses to Facetime doctors.

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Planned Parenthood’s Associate director of external affairs, Vera Lynn DiPietro said their app – “Spot On! is really designed to help people manage whatever type of birth control they’re on. If someone is on the pill, for example, they’ll get a daily text reminder at the same time to take the pill. If it’s a Depo shot, it’ll be a reminder about when it’s time to make an appointment,”

There are no minimum age usage limitations for these apps. Because, they also allow users to track their menstrual cycles.

Given that smartphones are everywhere, with everyone, people are harnessing the power of apps to the maximum.