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New Technique Uses Smartphone Camera to Measure Heart Health

New Technique Uses Smartphone Camera to Measure Heart Health

Researchers at Caltech, Huntington Medical Research Institute has developed a new technique which shows that smartphone camera’s can literally measure heart health non-invasively.

The new technique takes just a minute or two in which, the smartphone camera should be held near to the neck. This technique helps to infer the LVEF(Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction) of the heart  and measure the amount of blood displaced by the carotid artery through the neck skin area.

In normal cases, LVEF ranges from 50-70%. If the heart is weak, the value can be lower. During the development stage, the researchers simply held an iPhone against the volunteers neck for about two minutes. It works well as the walls of the arteries are completely elastic and thus the expanding and contracting can be used as a waveform and encoded for further heart information.

In a surprisingly short period of time, we were able to move from invention to the collection of validating clinical data,” said Mory Gharib, professor at Caltech. 

Researchers conducted trials on almost 72 volunteers, ranging from 20 and 92 years and the study was later published in Journal of Critical Care Medicine.