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Junior Python Developer

Technical Skills Required:

  • 1+ years of PHP, Odoo, Python development experience.
  • Expertise in HTML, CSS and in any of Bootstrap, LESS, jQuery, Backbone JS or AngularJS.
  • Knowledge on responsive websites and multi device delivery.
  • Worked with modern PHP frameworks, Odoo ERP and CRM and workflow management modules, Python Programming(Django framework).
  • Extensive knowledge of databases such as Postgre SQL, SQL, should be able to develop and structure databases.
  • Exposure to AWS, GoogleCloud, MicrosoftAzure or SoftLayer


Role And Responsibilities:

  • Following best coding practices is a must.
  • Monitor problem solving initiatives and resolve complex issues.
  • Provide code-level guidance and guide development teams.
  • Practice Developing detailed specification documents with clear project deliverables and timelines, and to work under strict deadlines for completing deliverables.
  • Create prototypes and working examples to drive solutions.
  • Decide appropriate technical solutions & give relevant, valuable recommendations for clients.
  • Research & assess the devising of new technologies to maximize performance.
  • Manage multiple projects with cross functional teams.
  • Ensure frequent maintenance of developed code.
  • Assist your senior personnel in right time with 100 % sincerity.


Odoo, PHP, Python, XML, postgreSQL, Web development, Linux/Unix, Project Management, Configurations with third party tools, Customisation of modules.



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