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IT Department to Lose Upper Hand in Mobile App development Soon

IT Department to Lose Upper Hand in Mobile App development Soon

In the recent years, there have been various news on the fragmented relationship between IT and other lines of business regarding enterprise mobile application development.

The latest to reveal the same is 451 Research, in a study sponsored by Kony. According to the research, more than half of the companies are planning to come up with 20 or more apps in the next two years. However, budget limitations, skill gaps and legacy infrastructure can cost IT departments of the same.

As of now, majority of mobile app development is being done by IT, which amounts to 58% of the apps developed. However, the trend will change in few years. Researchers say that by 2017, two-thirds of the applications will be developed outside IT, by business application vendors (21%), system integrators (16%), digital agency partners (14%) and developer partners (14%).

The study also revealed that there is an uncertainty as to who will head the mobile app development projects. 55% of developers say that they should lead mobile app projects, compared with 61% of IT management respondents.

Chris Marsh, principal analyst at 451 Research and author of the report, says that enterprises are still in the beginning stage to plan on apps. Therefore, line of business is starting to provide funding support to the table. “There is strong demand for new mobile apps, and companies are broadening their focus beyond core processes and application silos.IT is still in the driver’s seat when it comes to both the bulk of internal mobile app development, technology procurement and project management, although line of business want input and greater collaboration,” he said.