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More then 1 Lakh jobs in India

Increase in purchase of Apple products and Apple’s budget-friendly iPhones has caused an increase in demand for iOS developers. As a result, there are lots of job opportunities for iOS developers in India.

When you begin your career as an iOS Developer, your first job title is likely to be Mobile App Developer. With your growing experience and skillset, your role advances. There is a demand for developers with experience in designing and developing iOS apps at both small and large companies.

High paying salaries

According to Glassdoor, an iOS Developer, at beginner level, earns $84,000 per year on an average. iOS platform is more reliable, in terms of security and privacy and the iOS ecosystem, though it does not top the global market, has been attracting users and developers in the past few years. Also, Apple users generally belong to high-income families and are more willing to spend on apps and in-app purchases. All these factors contribute to the higher pay of iOS developers.

Easy hiring because of less competition

Competitive salary and high demand make iOS developer jobs popular. But, in the global market, iOS ecosystem is still in its growing stage with competition at moderate levels, especially in developing countries like India. So, now is the time to grab the opportunity as the hiring process is easier with less competition.

Many Freelancing project

A freelancer iOS Developer does the same work as any in-house iOS Developers, with added benefits of flexibility and better work-life balance. Also, hiring freelancers is advantageous for organization, in terms of money, time and efforts. There are plenty of iOS development based freelancing projects that you can take up if you feel that works better for you.

IOS Training Content





An iOS developer is responsible for building apps that run on Apple’s iOS operating system. They have in-depth knowledge of the functioning of iOS on different Apple devices, such as iPad and iPhone. They are capable of building, testing and fine-tuning apps they build and ensure that it aligns with the clients’ needs. iOS app development is usually done in either of the two programming languages – Swift and Objective-C.

Must-have skills for iOS Developer

For an iOS developer, proficiency in Swift and Objective-C programming languages is a must. Apart from that, there are many other skills that they must possess.

Soft skills

The following soft skills of an iOS Developer determine whether they are fit for working in circumstances where they have to single-handedly handle projects or where they collaborate with other teams.

Technical skills

An iOS Developer must possess the following technical skills.

Once you advance into senior iOS developer, you should have knowledge about the following.

Scope of iOS Development in India

Indian smartphone users generally prefer Android over iOS citing affordability as one of the main reasons. However, the scenario is changing with the increase in number of Apple product users in the country. One of the main reasons for this is the app security that the platform offers.

Another reason is the strict standards and quality checks that are followed in creating Apple Products and iOS applications. iOS applications have to undergo a whole and vigorous assessment process to ensure that they meet the standards.

There are even more developers entering into the iOS ecosystem. For every 10 apps that developers build, about 7 are for iOS today.

Observing the trends, it is safe to say that iOS development in India has a bright future.

iOS Training Program Objectives

We intend to cover the following topics through our iOS training program.

The iOS training program has been developed our team of professionals with over 13 years of experience in the app development industry. Through the training program, we will impart both theoretical and practical knowledge of the above-mentioned topics of iOS development. The program has been designed in alignment with the latest innovations in iOS. Our training and lesson plans will be based on the learning levels of the trainees.


Should I have prior knowledge about iOS before attending the training?

Yes, you should have knowledge in object-oriented programming.

Will you provide training materials?

Yes. The training materials we provide are developed by our own team based on their years of experience and skills attained in the field. We constantly update the materials based on the advancements in iOS.

Are your training materials available for sale?

No, we do not sell our training materials. You can access them only if you attend our training program.

What happens after the training is completed?

We guarantee 100% job placement once you complete your training. We also provide remote support for — months post training during which you can clear your doubts and seek support for your individual iOS project.

How does a training day look like?

Our training days last for 9 hours during which you get trained with real-time developers. We also provide Apple MiniMac machines for you to practice on. Our training sessions are both interactive and informative and are tailor-made to meet the needs of the trainees.



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