Redbytes software (a Techno Alliance company ) is a mobile app development company focusing mainly on the education sector. The company has developed a number of apps as its own products as well as for its clients. Under the brand “Tinytapps” all our products such as appstoreKindleGoogle play, Samsung app marketplace can be found . we have focused on early learning for toddlers and have created a suited apps for it

Our team includes all the experienced developers, designers and dedicated educationists. Together we all bring innovative ideas to make education more interesting, easy learning & fun for kids.

Redbytes software provides with the opportunities of internship to creative & innovative students who wish to have a career in mobile development and engineering.

We had a French student who completed his internship with us. His views as to why he selected Redbytes for his internship project as follows

 I am a 20-year-old French student from Bourges, a little city (75 000 inhabitants) situated at 2 hours from the south of Paris. I am studying IT engineering and more specifically Computer Safety. I have passed my first year out of the 3 years required for this study. At the end of each year, students have to do an internship in the company of their own choice.”

During my engineering I was associated with an association called 5S5C (5 summits 5 continents) which have managed a project in Ladakh.

This project firstly aimed for the rebuilding of a water mill in a village divested by the 2010 flood and secondly for the ascension of a 6200 meter mountain. Due to the project I got an opportunity to visit India . But this project lasted for only one month and in order to extend my stay in India I started looking for an internship, than I remembered the citizen from pune who had met me in bourges ,who had explained me about the scope of IT companies in Pune.

Later through an organization called CFP Asia I found an internship suggestion from Redbytes Software. So I have sent an email to Sir Altaf who referred me to Aliasgar. I explained to him about my project and my interest in mobile technologies and cloud computing so he offered me to develop a mobile app and deploy an open stack cloud. Indian companies have a big reputation in IT so I thought that it will give me a good experience for my reference. Moreover I think that the mobile device is the future of IT so I wanted to do an internship in this domain and gave a thought that , I can even choose specialization in mobile technologies for my second year of engineering.

  • Are you a college/university student looking for an internship where you can make a difference?
  • Are you passionate about the mobile technology?
  • Do you like explaining technology to people?
  • Do you like exploreing more ?

If yes, then come to Redbytes software it is a right place for you.

We’re looking to fill this internship position shortly and already have candidates to consider… so let us know soon if you are interested – the position is only open until we find someone we think is awesome!

Internship can be a fantastic introduction to the world of work, and Redbytes will provide this to you. Here is how you can sign up for the program. Write to us and we will get back to you.


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