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How To Create a Mobile App? [Infographic]

how to create a mobile app

Each day there are thousands of mobile apps published to both the Apple App Stores and the Google Play Store. Out of these, some might be games, other might be e-commerce and many are social apps. Each app idea is different and therefore the methodology to create them is always evolving.

While it seems like anyone can put together an app and make millions selling digital that to nerds. But it’s not actually that simple. Making apps is a difficult work, it takes time and involves a lot of thought, knowledge, and practice.

Whatever the mobile app be, there is a fairly standard process of steps to follow and it also requires a great idea to start off, the collaboration of designers, developers, testers and even marketing and salespeople, as well as a healthy dose of good luck and money to invest.

This infographic explains how one can create an app following the very basic and standard steps.

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How To Create a Mobile App