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How Does Mobile App Developers Boost Your Sales?

How Does Mobile Application Developers Boost Your Sales?


As mobile usage continues to increase, even small businesses have a lot to gain. Mobile phone applications can be developed in diverse mobile platforms including Windows, Android and iOS (iPhone)

Although the numbers vary from platform to platform when it comes to the initial bump, both iPhone and Android apps see an overall revenue increase of 22% and 29% respectively from price reductions.

On June 2015, Bing has launched a new search model that will allow users to find mobile app content on its search engine. Bing is building up a massive index of mobile apps and app actions across all three major platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows. And its not just Bing. Search engine giant Google and other search engines have also made similar moves.

This is great news for mobile app developers and marketers as it will greatly ease the process of searching for apps and if carried through successfully, “drive app installs, engagement, and re-engagement” from search.

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Apps directly increase sales in a number of ways. There are at least two ways mobile app developers can boost their app sales considerably: by putting them on sale, and by appearing on the app stores’ much-coveted “featured” list.

Increasing downloads of apps show that improved brand accessibility with easy-to-use functions is what customers want. Comprehensive apps can make your brand more recognizable and increase traffic to your door. Apps can vary widely in scope and price, so it’s always best to enlist a professional to develop the application for you.

Mobile Apps – Features That Boost Your Sales

Many features of mobile apps can lead directly to improved sale. Certain features that help apps prove their worth with nearly every click are –

Mobile orders – The most important feature is that mobile apps offer a way for users to browse their products and submit orders directly. Mobile app is simply a natural way to make purchases.

Push Notifications – Push Notifications are ideal to notify customers of special limited-time discounts, new products, and other promotions. This feature adds a new promotional channel to your marketing arsenal.

Rewards – Mobile loyalty programs often reward frequent shoppers without having to print up cards or worry about tracking. This is an ideal way to increase sales with minimal extra effort.

Social Referrals – Apps also include a simple feature that lets users post a link to their business to their social media profiles. This allows them to leverage users’ social networks to find new fans.

Mobile Reservations – For any type of business, let that be a restaurant, spa, personal training studio, or other session-based business, mobile reservations allow opening up calendar to users. Users can pop open the app at their convenience, browse open slots, and book their own reservations as they like. It makes it easier to make reservations and opens up another channel for increasing sales.

Strategies mobile app developers use to help companies motivate customers

Comparison shopping – An E-commerce component to app can help customers comparison shop. Often E-commerce websites are not customer friendly on mobile devices.  Having an E-commerce friendly app to complement your online business website gives the customer an opportunity to quickly obtain product pricing and place their order.

Location-based mobile ads – Organizing location-based mobile ads is an effective way to reach your target market in a specific area, as these ads display on a user’s mobile device based upon their location. These ads can target and attract consumers within the nearby area.

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It is crucial to choose a mobile app developer who understands the importance of creating a perfect app that utilizes very few steps for customers to make purchases.   The apps developed should also allow customers to securely store credit card information or purchase.

You are more likely to make a sale if you can feature a product, and allow it to be easily added to the shopping cart and purchased in as few steps as possible.  The easier the app is to use, the more often your customers will explore the app and buy!