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Google Unveils “ARCore” that Enables AR Apps in Android Phones

Google Unveils "ARCore" that Enables AR Apps in Android Phones

Google has unveiled a software kit, the ARCore SDK that will enable augmented reality in Android smartphones, without the need for any additional hardware.

Tango, which was the previous AR-effort, required a hardware to support its working. But, ARCore is now available for developers and works on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google’s Pixels.

ARCore is expected to run on millions of Android devices and the platform has three main areas of focus: environmental understanding, motion tracking, and light estimation.

For conducting motion tracking, the camera is used to observe the feature points inside a room where ARCore determines, the position and orientation while virtual objects remain accurately placed. Environmental understanding detects the horizontal surfaces such as tables, floors etc. The light estimation feature allows developers to light virtual objects making the appearance more realistic.

Google will soon release prototype browsers for web developers to create AR based websites that run on both Android using ARCore and in iOS with ARKit. The company also promises to share more features about ARCore later this year.