Google Search to Look Different in Smartphones with “Shortcuts”

Google Search to Look Different in Smartphones with “Shortcuts”

The Mountain View, a Calif-based company is to bring change to the mobile version of Google Search with “shortcuts” helping users to find answers to important queries by tapping rather than typing.

The Search homepage and the Google Search app on the mobile web will have this feature for area of interests such as the sports, entertainment, food, weather etc.

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Currently, the Google app shows topics according to the users interests. But with this new update, users will be able to tap on individual topics to browse information for the entire subject. Google is trying this new method to go deep into specific topics and provide maximum information.

The new update will be available on both Android and iOS but the android users will have more options. The app for Android will offer more than 40 shortcuts, but the mobile web app and iOS will only have shortcuts for sports, entertainment, food, weather and drinks.

The most frequently used shortcuts will be added to the homepage of the user.

Google Search to Look Different in Smartphones with "Shortcuts"

The new update shows that Google is aiming to be a hub for all interests of the users rather than just finding answers to questions.




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