Google Introduces “Multi-Resume” Feature with Android Q

Google Introduces “Multi-Resume” Feature with Android Q

Even though the latest OS version of Android, the Android Pie is not available till now in many of the devices, now at the Android Developer Summit, Google has come up with a new feature with Android Q called the “Multi-Resume”.

With the multi-resume option, users can run multiple apps at the same time where both the apps remain active. In order to keep the apps active, Google has used OEMs and they are also trying to see chances for the same to work out in Android Pie as well.


Samsung already has the multi-window option with the multi-star module in its Good Lock app. With Google’s latest announcement it’s now expected to have native support in the Android smart phones.

For now, this feature mainly focuses the foldable phones but can also work well on devices with large displays. Google expects to make multi-resume support the mandatory behavior and will certainly find a lot of use on the latest foldable devices and the current generation devices with large displays.

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According to reports, the new feature is expected to be revealed by the end of May 2019 and Google also plans to allow users to test them even before a public release.



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