Facebook to Introduce “NOTIFY”, a Real-Time News App

Facebook to Introduce “NOTIFY”, a Real-Time News App

Facebook is planning to launch a standalone app for news- “NOTIFY”.

The app will provide users the opportunity to subscribe to media outlets and receive alerts when they publish new news.

Its existence has been known since mid-October, when the news about this came in “the Awl”. This is another move by Facebook to capture an even larger share of the mobile news market.

The app was described as it can send notification alerts for breaking news that “allow for up to 100 characters of text and url to the news article on that publication’s website.”

It will feature content from range of print, video and digital companies such as Vogue, CNN, Mashable, and the Washington Post.

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The news app will compete with Twitter’s new service called Moments directly which was made to provide selected content to help users by keeping them up to date with live events, as well as Flipboard, Inside, Google News, Yahoo News Digest, Snapchat’s Discover and Apple News.

The app would build on Facebook’s ever-growing presence as a platform for several aspects of online news business, like its “Instant Articles” format for repackaging web pages as fast-loading and clean subsets of the Facebook app itself.




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