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Job interviews can be a long, tedious, and an unproductive (more often than any of us would like to admit) affair. It is quite similar to sifting for gold – very rarely you strike gold.

We at Redbytes, have discarded the monotony in this process and jump-started an innovative project called the “Employment Lab”.


The idea is pretty simple

The purpose of an interview is that both employers and potential employees get to express their requirements as well as what each can offer, while looking for the right fit. Later sometimes, we all find ourselves reconsidering our decisions.

"Did this company feel so restrictive then?? They had seemed pretty open and liberal, right?" Or then "I can’t believe that I didn’t catch this trait in the interview. She really seemed like a different person then." Or the worst of them all- "I always did so well in any technology, why can’t I cope with this one?"

Our idea is to avoid these regrets on both sides by giving each other a try-out.

The “Employment Lab” is essentially about building relationships through exchange of knowledge while testing the candidate’s efficiency and technical know-how. Technologies are marked by variation, and hence different people fit different technologies. Being good at one technology doesn’t always guarantee success in another.

Freshers and even experienced professionals, sometimes, take time and multiple projects to find their groove. The “Employment Lab” is our one-stop project for not only reinventing the recruitment process, but also helping each other in finding the right fit.

The process is as follows - We invite freshers to be a part of our organization for two working weeks. During these two weeks, they come to our office during regular working hours and read up on the technology they are being recruited for.

Redbytes also provides them with the means (infrastructure, Internet, learning modules, etc.) and machines for this learning. We do not provide them with any formal training, but help is always at hand. In fact, we are basically checking their self-learning abilities.

As time progresses, we assign tasks based on that technology to evaluate them. If our evaluating trainers/tech leads are of the opinion that someone would do well in that technology and fit with us, we onboard them.

The evaluation is not based on technical criteria alone. The candidate is also observed for their general behavior, attitude, professionalism, work ethics, and soft skills. Basically, these two weeks provide us with ample time and opportunity to closely observe the candidates.

On the other hand, the freshers get to work on a new technology and can decide whether or not they would like to continue in the same. They also get to observe us, our work culture, and processes, and make an informed decision about working with us. All in all, it is a win-win situation.

The entire process at “Employment Lab “is FREE. We neither charge nor pay for these two weeks. We can also proudly claim that though this process has no monetary value, our experience with it has been priceless.

Here, we have sometimes, helped someone realize their hitherto hidden skills and aptitude. To those whom we cannot offer jobs, we provide counsel based on their skills and strengths. At other times, the freshers have helped us see some of our processes in a different light.

Not all these candidates could be onboarded, but most interactions have stayed with us and will continue to do so. Most importantly, having these freshers with us have always kept us motivated. Their infectious energy never allows drudgery to be a part of our work life.

Our primary motive of making this an enriching experience for all participants, thus finds true meaning in this exchange.

So far, we have had about 65 freshers who have enrolled in the “Employment Lab”. Out of them, 10 freshers have been onboarded by us. They are all a valuable addition to our workforce and hopefully, will continue to add to our rich legacy.




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