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‘Devopedia’- A Developer’s Wikipedia Crafted In India

Devopedia‘, introduced by Aravind Padmanabhan, is a website, based on the concept of Wikipedia which aims to simplify technology to developers.

Padmanabhan, an engineering graduate, after doing a few searches in Google, realized that there was no platform to help developers with latest technology, software or frameworks. Finally, this thought led him to hit up on the idea of creating an open source content platform.

'Devopedia'- A Developer's Wikipedia Crafted In India

Even though the website’s target audience is developers, it can also be used by other like professionals, students and anyone who is curious about technology.

'Devopedia'- A Developer's Wikipedia Crafted In India

Currently, the website content is written by Padmanabhan and by people who he knows. He has even started workshops to explain to developers about this new platform, which includes training for contributors to write and create pages.

The website is currently in a beta stage and will go live by October.