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Best Apps For Android That You Need To Download in 2018

Google launched its operating system Android ten years ago, back then we had absolutely no idea to imagine the sheer number of Android apps we would have today. Whether it is finding out the next train from Los Angeles to California, booking tickets for a musical night, or switching your AC on, there is an app for everything, literally. By this, we can certainly say that the mobile app development has also changed and evolved over the time. While many of them are available for free which means all you have to do is download and install it.

Apparently, not all of them work super fine. Honestly, some mobile apps are actually far from being even good enough. So finding one good and effective app is pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, there are some effective tools and techniques that will help you with a tonne of lists in the Play Store offering you Editor’s choices across a wide range of categories, new releases, and also applications which are especially recommended for you based on the apps that you earlier downloaded. Also, checking out user reviews and ratings will help you in saving a hell of a lot of time from installing a stupid app.

Nonetheless, with all that extra support, the odds of you picking the wrong app are very much higher. So in order to make sure that you never miss an app that saves you a lot of time and money, we have listed the best Android apps that have received Google Play Awards this year by Internet giant hosts at Google’s I/O developer conference, and in which one effective app was picked for each category.

1. Health & Fitness: Simple Habit

Simple Habit has won a Google Play Award Standout as the best well-being mobile app in 2018 and Google Play’s Best App in 2017. Simple Habit is a meditation app for people who don’t have time at all to exercise or meditate. This meditation app helps people to reduce their stress, improve focus, and sleep better.

Users can explore almost 50 free sessions and more than 1000 of premium library meditations on scenarios such as calming oneself down before a meeting, insomnia, etc. This app will assist you to relax faster and enhance your focus to have a good night sleep. Based on energy and stress levels, users can customize their sessions length from 1 to 30 minutes.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

2. Education: Khan Academy

This is the best education app for students that has over 10, 000 videos of explanations of Mathematics, Science, Economics, and many other subjects. With more than 40, 000 interactive practice questions which are included with instant feedback and step-by-step instructions, students can gain a lot of knowledge and easily can crack any competitive exam.

On top of that, students can find whatever specific topic they want by the redesigned navigation and search. They can also bookmark their favorite video/content to “Your List” so that they can access it from anywhere anytime even without internet connection. Not just students, but also teachers, home tutors, etc. whoever wants to get back to in the field can use this effective app to learn quickly.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

3. Lifestyle: Be My Eyes

This impeccable app works by letting people who can lend their eyes to people who cannot see via a live connection. For example, blind people often find difficult with their everyday chores such as checking the expiry date of a specific food, making sure they wore matching clothes, etc.

Be My Eyes does wonders for people who especially find it extremely complex doing normal tasks. Be My Eyes is an interesting concept and is a perfect example of how technology can be developed to help people to matter how far they are.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

4. Adventure: Old Man’s Journey

This narrative game lets you explore life’s difficulties through the old man’s eyes. Old Man’s Journey is an indie game that lets you interact with the serene, playful environment as you solve mysterious puzzles and create a terrain around you.

The app’s main features are touch specific, pressure-free puzzles, a compact game experience, compelling soundtrack, etc. One thing that users should duly note is that this app is recommended to play on devices that have at least 1024 MB RAM as devices less than that may likely experience some problems.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

5. Simulation: Episode

Who doesn’t want to play their favorite character in their favorite story? Well, Episode just lets you do that with more than 70, 000 interesting stories. This app is the home for thousands of visual stories where users can choose their desired path or even become a creator and write their own stories. With impeccable app, users can join this creative community and become one of the creators.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

6. Visual Reality Experience: BBC Earth Life in VR

Life in VR provides a whole new way to experience to see the natural world. Whether you want to see the furriest animal on the planet or dive into the deepest ocean, you can do a lot of cool things that you wouldn’t even give it a try in real life.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

7. Online Shopping: Flipkart

With over $20 million worth and 80 crore products, Flipkart is one of the biggest online shopping platforms in India that delivers products at users’ doorsteps. Right from electronic gadgets like laptops and smartphones and kitchen appliances to men’s and women’s clothing and jewelry, you get almost everything on Flipkart.

Users can check products’ ratings and reviews given by other users along with the seller ratings before purchasing. Also, users can track their orders by installing the app so that they will know the exact day of delivery of the product.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

8. Art & Design: Canva

This app makes design extremely easy. Whether it is a FaceBook post, wedding invitation, or an email header maker, everything will and can be done in Canva. This is an all-in-one graphic design application which lets you generate attractively and attention-grabbing graphics on-the-move.

With over thousands of free templates that are designed by professional experienced designers, users can get started instantly. Users can explore popular designs or search for a particular style through search bar and can customize it by adding their own images, colors, font, etc.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store

9. Breakthrough App: Empires & Puzzles

This game is a role-playing app that combines match-3 battles and developed a stronghold that is topped with amazing Player vs. Player duels. Users can gather hundreds of powerful heroes, completely recreate a big war fortress, or fight in Player vs. Player battles from against players across the globe.

Download : Google Play and Apple Store


If you are an app geek and enthusiast, then you certainly would like all the applications we have aforementioned as teams at Google have meticulously handpicked with significance on quality, design, technology, performance, etc. and these apps have a high star rating on Play Store. Since all these apps are available on Play Store, you will get regular updates once the app is installed.