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Sales Manager

Sales Manager

The Redbytes Sales Manager App is developed to streamline the workflow of your sales process. It helps along all stages of sales from inquiry to closure. With the Sales Manager app, you can gather inquiries from various sources, filter spam from the inquiries, collect data and mark prospects, then engage prospects by sharing content, and provide them quote for their projects.

Further, you can move prospects to leads and classify according to budget, and organize leads according to closure probability before finally closing them. It has multiple features including task management, file sharing and team messaging. In other words, it is an all in one business communication app for your team to do their best work from anywhere.

The RB Sales Manager App is free to download from Play store (Android) & App Store (iOS)


Our main objective while developing the RB Sales Manager App was to ensure that each inquiry get the attention and respect it deserves, and make maximum utilization of sales team time and efforts.


Redbytes gave priority to achieve real time data to manage, track & optimize your day to day sales activity to keep your sales personnel productive & stay organized at all times.

What we did

We designed an easy to use UI desirable for Mangers, Sales representatives & Users. New users can register via email or other social media accounts, after logging in users can conduct enquiry regarding their requisites and interact with the sales team.

Redbytes Sales Manager App is designed for Sales Teams to

  • Keep log of day to day leads from different sources
  • Prioritise leads according to value & chances of conversion
  • Gain insights from lead generation stats to maximise opportunities

Your sales team can grow using automated data and be more focused and productive in sales activities for growth

Key Features

1. Inquiry

Description: Client and candidates who are trying to contact you.

Inquiry can be done in 3 ways

  • E-mail inquiry
  • Whatsapp inquiry
  • Call inquiry

2.1. Candidate

After the inquiry stage we collect information regarding the candidate. This data is stored into database

 2.2 Prospects

Once we collect the basic information about the client (name, e-mail id, phone no, location) we consider client as a prospect. In this stage you can add filters for searching the prospect through e-mail, phone number, whatsapp.

  • Cost calculator app (Done by client)
  • Manual cost calculation (Done by Redbytes)

ManageCandidate (Data base)

This feature categorises the user per their preferred platform requirement (android, IOS etc.)


Leads are the prospect that came through manual cost calculation (done by red bytes), through cost calculator (done by client) or walk in interview. Once a user is considered as a lead the details of that lead are divided in 3 tabs.


Info shows the personal information of lead and the brief about his requirement that he submitted before in cost calculator.

Estimate Details

This feature shows the details about the hours of work required to complete the project and the approximate cost of project which was calculated by cost calculator.


In this section, users can add notes about lead enquiry.

The Admin section comes with a set of options 

  • Quick call E-Mail-This option is used to send quick call E-mail to the user to schedule meeting call for discussing his requirement.
  • Phone call-This option is used to make a call to the client.
  • Share Insights-This option is used to send detail information about specific domains to client.
  • Book Meeting- This option is used to schedule meeting with client, with required information like date, time, source, duration etc.
  • Proposal sent-This option is used to send a proposal to client.
  • Alias-This option is used to save alternative name of client
  • Delete

Leads are categorised as follows

  • Won leads- Lead who have been converted into clients.
  • Hot leads –High priority
  • Warm leads –Medium priority
  • Cold leads – Low priority
  • Unqualified leads

App Work Flow



Sales Calls Process Flow

sales call process flow



Cost Calc.



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