Friday July 16, 2021

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MediQuick is a user-friendly healthcare app which helps its users to order medicines, FMCG products & other OTC products via the app. With MediQuick you don’t need to make weekly or monthly visits to the pharmacy, you can refill your prescription from the privilege of your home via online and get the medicines delivered right to your doorstep. 

How It Works?

MediQuick removes the issues ordinary people face while buying medicines by eliminating unavailability, long queues, awkwardness, etc. Users can download app and login with their email id, after logging in users can upload the prescription and search for the medicine. 

The system searches for the required medicines by sending out a ticket to all the registered chemists inside a 2km radius. The Pharmacies then cross checks the required medicines with their data bases for availability. The first chemist to respond with the complete number of required medicines will be automatically given the order. The major plus of MediQuick is as its name suggests, the medicines will be delivered to your doorsteps within 30 minutes. 

What we did?

We helped MediQuick develop an app that is easy-to-use and efficient; helping its users to shop in bed and get the medicines delivered to their home. Users can easily make orders and track it in real time and receive the delivery on their doorstep within 30 minutes. 



Doorstep Delivery 

No more trips to the pharmacy, with MediQuick you can get your medicines delivered right to your doorstep within 30 minutes of ordering   


MediQuick comes up with seasonal offers to specific categories and products, MediQuick also provide unique offers based on the users purchase history. 

Upload Prescription

Users can easily upload their prescription onto the app and search instantly on the device for availability. 

Search & Place Order

Rather than scrolling through catalogues and going through detailed composition of the medicine, MediQuick saves your time by utilizing the superfast search engine to identify the fastest vendor and automatically place the order 

Online Payment

MediQuick supports multiple payment gateways so that their users do not miss out on any coupons and promotional offers from different payment gateways 

Order History

No more scrolling through pages to find what you need, with MediQuick you can just check your medicine order history and re-order at any time 

Automated Prescription Refill 

Users can implement scheduled refills for their medicine orders via the app and never worry about running out of meds 

User-Friendly Experience

MediQuick is a cutting-edge healthcare platform that aspires to make life easier for every patient 


With MediQuick users can use multiple filters to find what they want based on category, rates, manufacturer etc. 

Nearby Labs

Via the app patients can search for the nearby labs incase if they want to get their various tests done. 

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