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Dice Stars

Description :

This game is called Dice Stars and it & rsquo; s in the top 10 of the most popular games bar and a pub in China. This is a multiplayer online game that requires at least two players and a maximum of 4 players on a table.

This game is IOS support and Android platform.

There are three game types:

  1. Game Hobbies: –

In this user mode will be given to select levels, after the server can recognize them at the table 2.3 or 4 players . In this case the user can already join tables where people already play , but some filters / criteria for some tables there Zhai ON , some don & rsquo; t , some fashion Shunzi ON , other Don & rsquo; t, some with 2 players , 3 other players and only some 1 player . These are like filters that can be used for the tables.