Load Bird App

Load Bird is an App which provides Bulk Load delivery via the Truck in PAN india with excellence services. Load Bird App is an online platform which provides a base for the truck drivers to register their truck and find loads with ease. It has many options to Bid for a Load, Request load if the user is coming from destination empty, easy transporter communication, Quick Payment Transfer from Transporter and Tracking etc.

Load Bird application has :

a. Transporter App: The Transporter app allows users or truck owners to register themselves and find drivers for the load delivery. The transport can select any driver based on the Bid amount, process and track the driver until the load is delivered. Once the load is delivered the transport will process the payment using the in-app payment gateway and give rewards, rate and provide a review for the driver.

b. Driver App: Here the Truck driver can register, find a relevant load and apply for a bid in order to get the load from the transporter. Once the bid is accepted by the transporter the driver will receive a bilty and deliver the load to the proper location. After delivery the driver will receive the payment and rewards from the transporter. The driver can rate and review the transporter as well.

c. Admin Panel : Admin panel is developed for the authorized person to track the overall functionality.


With Load Bird, Drivers are able to connect to Transporter in order to get load. The Driver will find and request load to the transporter, multiple drivers can bid for the same load and once the bid is won the driver can start his trip. All communication will be tracked on both the driver and transporter’s end.

Scope of the project:

Load Bird is a Transport Management App. The technology used to develop are mentioned below :

  • Android
  • Backend : PHP
  • Database : MySql

Development :

Load Bird was an interesting project. The project was divided into three milestones. Each milestone was properly planned and managed by the Project manager. After each milestone completion builds were shared to the client for verification and feedback from the client were collected.
The development team consisted of four developers – two for frontend and two for Backend.
We followed the Agile model throughout development.

Testing :

For Load Bird we had performed manual testing, as we work in Agile software development continuous testing after each module has been followed throughout.

Some of the methodologies used while testing are :

  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Cross browser testing
  • WhiteBox testing
  • Black Box testing

Reporting Tools for issues :

  • Redmine
  • Gitlab


1. Login
2. Home Screen with functionality such as :
a. Find Load
b. Request Load
c. Add Load
3. Bid for load ( Accept / Reject )
4. Process bilty
5. Check Load status
6. Check Load History
7. Rewards
8. Notifications
9. Rate and review
10. Profile
11. Change language
12. Phone directory
13. Refer and Earn
14. Support
15. Terms & conditions



With the advent of several educational apps, it has become quite easy for the learners to connect with their instructors. Our state-of-the-art Learndia app is the outcome of the out-of-the-box thinking of our expert back-end and front-end developers. We aim to improve the experience of learners by surpassing the hurdles of both time and space, enabling the learners and instructors to stay in touch regardless of their locations. Learndia serves as a platform for organizations to manage the learning activities and also connect to new learners and instructors.

The Learndia app comprises of different modules:


Superadmin creates/adds organizations and the respective sub-domains for them, which enable every organization to work independently. Superadmin is also responsible for managing the organization dashboard and taking care of the subscriptions and renewals.

Below listed are the Superadmin features:


This section lists the total number of organizations, sub-domains, total storage, monthly information, total number of instructors, learners, and courses, pending payments, total streaming of recorded sessions, and many more.

This section lists the name of the organizations which have subscribed to the services, the domain names, admin names, etc. There is an option available on this page to add new organizations and admins. Admin refers to those who manage organizations. Further, Admin can also create courses and live sessions for the learners to choose from.

This section lists the details of all transactions carried out including the names of organizations, invoice date, invoice amount, etc.

This section contains the details of coupons available upon purchase carried out for a certain amount.

This section contains all the details of the renewals and activation status.


‘Organization’ refers to coaching/training institutes who have subscribed for the services of Learndia by paying a nominal amount. After they register and complete the payment for the required services, they are added to the dashboard, where their complete details are displayed.

This module comprises of several features which are listed below:

This option lists the name of the organization along with contact details, registration number, the total number of live sessions available, current live sessions, etc.

Using this option, you can view the courses along with their short descriptions and related videos. Further, there is provision to create new courses, add the details of the learners and instructors.

Live Sessions
There are three options available in ‘Live Sessions’ – Scheduled, Conducted, and Recordings. The ‘scheduled’ option lists all the sessions which are scheduled for a date and time. The ‘conducted’ option lists all the sessions which has been already done with. The ‘recordings’ option show all the recorded sessions.

Live Recordings
The users can view all the live recordings in this section. There is a ‘messages’ section provided here which enables the learners and instructors to chat through.

This provision helps the users/organizations to renew their subscriptions.

This section lists the coupons available on purchase for a particular amount. The learners can avail this option to get discounts on their purchases.

This section lists all the purchases made by the learners including details like course name, learner’s name, purchase date, and price.

Bill Pay
This section contains all the billing details like billing cycle, bill due date, status of payment, and so on.

Learners and Instructors (Web and Mobile UI)
The learners can log in using email Id and password in both the mobile and web interfaces. The learners can choose their instructors and courses they wish to learn through the ‘Explore Courses’ option. The instructors can chat with the learners and create live sessions as well. After completing the course, the learners are awarded with certificates denoting the successful completion of the course. All the certificates awarded to the learners are displayed in ‘My Certificates’.

Explore Courses
The learners can explore the different courses listed on this interface.

Live Class
This section offers details about the live classes.

Featured Courses

The learners can view the details of the different courses featured here.

My Courses

All the purchased courses by the learners are listed here.

The courses preferred by the learners are listed here along with the price.

Rate & Review
The learner can provide reviews and ratings for their instructors, using this option.

Learners can chat with their instructors using this facility.

This option displays the profile of the learner.

My Certificates
Displays the details of the certificates obtained by the learners.

Instructor Profile
This section offers information regarding the instructor. This section comprises of the background of the instructors, their total experience in the field, the number of courses they teach, and so on.

Registering on the Learner’s Web Interface

About the Course
The details regarding the course and the prerequisites are listed here. This page also provides details about the course content. The preview of the course details is also provided here.

Patel Tutorials

Are you concerned about how to get prepared for national-level examinations such as UPSC, PSC, etc.? Do you want to get hold of the maximum number of resources to prepare for your D-Day??

Do not worry!!! Our expert team of front-end and back-end developers have created an innovative educational app, Patel Tutorials, to offer you the best support while appearing for your exam.

The app has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it convenient for the users to navigate through the different options provided here. It is easily downloadable for Android as well as iOS devices.

Patel Tutorials contains sections on educational videos and current affairs which are offered for free.

Here are some of the main features offered:

Prime Class 

Prime Class allows the users (students) to view the courses upon subscribing for the same by paying a nominal fee which gives them access to a repository of valuable information regarding each subject. The students can choose one or more subjects given under each examination tab and make the payment. Once the payment is completed, they get access to the respective classes and corresponding videos.

Online Test 

Upon choosing this option, the students are directed to a ‘Select Test’ page. There are options like ‘Test Type’ and ‘Language’ given on this page. Those who are aspiring for the national examinations can first choose the ‘Demo Test’ option which is offered absolutely free. This option gives the students an idea about the questions which appear in the actual test. Once they gain confidence by doing the model test paper, they can attempt the actual test by choosing the ‘Prime Test’, which is a paid facility.

Live Class 

Using this option, the students can chat with their teachers and ask any queries regarding the subject they teach. Live class could be accessed by the students once they complete the payment.

Course Offered 

The students can see the complete list of courses offered under this section. They can avail this option and choose the course they want after completing the payment.

Test Series Offered 

Using this option, the students can view the list of tests offered upon subscribing it for a nominal fee.

My Courses  

Here the students can see the courses subscribed by them.

My Results 

Here the students can view their test results for the demo test as well as the actual test.

Additional Features: 

Patel Tutorials offers several features for the users to cater to their requirements:

Syllabus – This feature enables the users to view the syllabus for different examinations, which has been uploaded by the admin

Class Schedule – If any live class has been scheduled for the subscribed users, they can view it on the schedule screen calendar furnished here.

Vacancy – This feature allows the users to see the vacancies posted by the admin, in the institute

Study Materials – Users can view the study materials uploaded by the admin, using this feature

Results – This feature shows the results of the test which has been attempted by the users

Previous Papers – Using this option, the users can see the previous year question papers

Newspapers – Users can view the newspapers uploaded by the admin using this feature

Links – This feature contains links regarding the notifications of various examinations

Queries – Users can post their queries on different subjects and chat with the teachers, using this feature.

Ode (On Demand Education)

Ode is a one-of-its-kind educational app developed by our experts. It is a two-in-one app which includes both student’s as well as teacher’s versions. This video conferencing app is designed in such a way that the students can connect with qualified teachers by means of live sessions in a variety of subjects. Further, this app integrates many gaming elements like animated characters, in order to enhance the user engagement and offer a fun-filled experience for the users.

Student App 

This app is a repository of educational materials in different subjects, imparted by qualified and experienced teachers. The students can start the registration process on the app by filling in details like class, board, preferred language, etc., and uploading their photo. Once the registration process is completed, they can perform search based on topics, availability of teachers, etc. They can either register using their Gmail Id or providing their phone number. It supports the students belonging to any board available in India including CBSE, ICSE, CISCE, NIOS, etc.


Instant Book

Here you can see the various sessions available, along with timing, price, the available teachers online, and recommended topics. Also, there is a ‘study hot tip’ available here, which includes some useful learning tips for the students. All the details of the teachers whom the students have dealt with in the past like their rating and experience, sessions, and languages (Hindi, English) in which they teach the students, are furnished here.

Book Now

This option enables you to choose a particular subject and the corresponding topic from the list, along with duration and price. By moving on to the next page, the students can get a list of available teachers online. Upon selecting one, they can view the complete details of the teacher including his/her rating, the subjects taught by him/her, total sessions, etc. The students can also view the demos, reviews, the feedback of the teachers, and the languages in which they teach, if they choose the respective options. Now they can book a session after selecting the different payment options. A summary for booked session including the duration, teacher name, chosen subject, and topic appears. Now the students can proceed to the payment section and they can choose the mode of payment from a variety of options provided here. After completing the payment, they get the payment successful message. Now they can continue with the session once the teacher joins in.


Here the students can book a session whenever it best suit them, by choosing a day and time, duration, and payment for that particular session. Once this is done with, they can pick the subject and the corresponding topics, followed by finding the teachers to help them out.

Fun Fact

This feature offered at the bottommost part of the page, offers an interesting tidbit regarding each topic.

Do’sand Don’ts

This is an all-inclusive list of instructions which offers the rules which they are supposed to follow while they use the app.

Teacher App

The teacher’s app enables the teachers to log in using the necessary credentials and connect with the students who have booked in for different sessions by completing the payment. Further, the teachers can assign tasks to students using this app.


Available – Available teachers

After logging in, the teachers can view the upcoming sessions and sort it accordingly using the ‘sort by’ option. There is an ‘Available’ option given towards the bottom of this screen which denotes the available teachers online.

Your Summary

This page shows the total earnings of the teacher, which could be viewed month-wise using the ‘View History’ option. The teacher can also view the session history and also manage his schedule. There is a Reviews and Feedback’ option available on this page which shows the reviews and feedback given by the teachers for the students. The ‘bell symbol’ on the top corner of this page offers details of the booked sessions, with date and time.

Edit Profile

The teachers can edit their profile using this option by furnishing details like name, rating, total sessions, experience, subjects taught, languages, highest qualifications, and so on. They can also provide demos using the ‘My Demos’ option.

White Board

The teachers can provide drawings and demos using this option, and have the complete control of this feature. They can erase whatever was done on the white board once the session is over, and close it from their side.




The Dorm App

Dorm was developed to connect college students with each other in order to build lasting and meaningful relationships. With the “Dorm App” college students can connect with each other based on their shared interests, hobbies & academics. 


Our main objective was to create a mobile dorm-like experience which allows students to build & share their profile with other students within their university and surrounding communities, this will give students an opportunity to message connect with each other directly. The Dorm also comes with a general forum page that allows them to see posts from all their connections. 

What we did? 

We gave priority to an UI desirable to students and a seamless flow that will allow students to connect with other students easily based on their common interests  


1.Logging In and Student Verification

The Dorm app requires the students to enter their college email address to register, this email will be used to as a verification tool to ensure that they are from the specified college. 

2.Profile Creation 

The Dorm profile consist of fields like Name, University/College, Major, Year, horoscope & a short bio consisting of 150 characters. After filling the fields students will be directed to Rep Your Squad page where the y will be a able to select their interest & other personal identities. 

3.Profile Screen 

Your profile will give the other users a snapshot of who you are. The profile page will be designed as a university ID card that will list the users name, university, major, year, horoscope sign, short bio, profile picture, and their interests  

4.Roommate Finder 

This feature allows the students to connect with other roomies. All potential connection will be listed on this page and the students can swipe right to friend request a roomie and left to decline the roomie connection. 

5.Direct Messages

This page will be used to send direct messages to students that the user has connected with and to view pending roomie requests. 

6.Floor Meeting

This page will serve as a community forum, in which roomies will be able to post updates directly that will be shared with all their connections. Roomies also can comment, share & like the posts also they can also view the shared updates of their connections

Sales Manager

The Redbytes Sales Manager App is developed to streamline the workflow of your sales process. It helps along all stages of sales from inquiry to closure. With the Sales Manager app, you can gather inquiries from various sources, filter spam from the inquiries, collect data and mark prospects, then engage prospects by sharing content, and provide them quote for their projects.

Further, you can move prospects to leads and classify according to budget, and organize leads according to closure probability before finally closing them. It has multiple features including task management, file sharing and team messaging. In other words, it is an all in one business communication app for your team to do their best work from anywhere.

The RB Sales Manager App is free to download from Play store (Android) & App Store (iOS)


Our main objective while developing the RB Sales Manager App was to ensure that each inquiry get the attention and respect it deserves, and make maximum utilization of sales team time and efforts.


Redbytes gave priority to achieve real time data to manage, track & optimize your day to day sales activity to keep your sales personnel productive & stay organized at all times.

What we did

We designed an easy to use UI desirable for Mangers, Sales representatives & Users. New users can register via email or other social media accounts, after logging in users can conduct enquiry regarding their requisites and interact with the sales team.

Redbytes Sales Manager App is designed for Sales Teams to

  • Keep log of day to day leads from different sources
  • Prioritise leads according to value & chances of conversion
  • Gain insights from lead generation stats to maximise opportunities

Your sales team can grow using automated data and be more focused and productive in sales activities for growth

Key Features

1. Inquiry

Description: Client and candidates who are trying to contact you.

Inquiry can be done in 3 ways

  • E-mail inquiry
  • Whatsapp inquiry
  • Call inquiry

2.1. Candidate

After the inquiry stage we collect information regarding the candidate. This data is stored into database

 2.2 Prospects

Once we collect the basic information about the client (name, e-mail id, phone no, location) we consider client as a prospect. In this stage you can add filters for searching the prospect through e-mail, phone number, whatsapp.

  • Cost calculator app (Done by client)
  • Manual cost calculation (Done by Redbytes)

ManageCandidate (Data base)

This feature categorises the user per their preferred platform requirement (android, IOS etc.)


Leads are the prospect that came through manual cost calculation (done by red bytes), through cost calculator (done by client) or walk in interview. Once a user is considered as a lead the details of that lead are divided in 3 tabs.


Info shows the personal information of lead and the brief about his requirement that he submitted before in cost calculator.

Estimate Details

This feature shows the details about the hours of work required to complete the project and the approximate cost of project which was calculated by cost calculator.


In this section, users can add notes about lead enquiry.

The Admin section comes with a set of options 

  • Quick call E-Mail-This option is used to send quick call E-mail to the user to schedule meeting call for discussing his requirement.
  • Phone call-This option is used to make a call to the client.
  • Share Insights-This option is used to send detail information about specific domains to client.
  • Book Meeting- This option is used to schedule meeting with client, with required information like date, time, source, duration etc.
  • Proposal sent-This option is used to send a proposal to client.
  • Alias-This option is used to save alternative name of client
  • Delete

Leads are categorised as follows

  • Won leads- Lead who have been converted into clients.
  • Hot leads –High priority
  • Warm leads –Medium priority
  • Cold leads – Low priority
  • Unqualified leads

App Work Flow


Sales Calls Process Flow

sales call process flow


Answerary is an innovative app that helps students post their homework and get it solved anytime. The app is free to download from Android, iOS, and its website.

Students can upload their specific homework questions on the app and it is directed to verified tutors of the subject. Students must link a valid credit card and pay a pre-specified amount after getting his/her homework solutions.


Many students stumble over some questions and end up with many confusions. Answerary is a perfect tool to solve homework of any subjects with exact answers and in very little time. The app allows students & teachers to select from a wide range of subjects known to date.

The app focuses on the satisfaction of both teachers and students by connecting them virtually. Here, they can share their documents and especially exchange their thoughts. The app specifies how much can students pay for their tutors who help them throughout the app journey.


Redbytes gives priority to creating convenient and intuitive UI for every app we create. Answerary being a novice app, the idea was to create a hassle-free system for solving homework for every student. The app is a result of detailed study done on every aspect that is incorporated into the app.

What we did

We created an easy-to-use UI suitable for both students and teachers. Users can register via e-mail or other social media accounts. Users log in as a person who will be answering questions, posting questions, or doing both things.

Once registered, users can practice the trouble-free process of answering or uploading the homework. The app lets users select their area of expertise and use the app in accordance. Answerary covers almost every subject, from languages to science subjects at any level. Users can choose from elementary to post-graduate either to get or give answers.

The student’s personalized account provides options to post inquiries and credit card verification options whereas teachers can check their inquiries and collect commissions by linking their bank accounts. The first tutor who locks the question can continue together with the student by helping them in solving homework.

Key features

  • Sign In/Sign Up
  • Choose account type
  • Set basic profile
  • My account
  • Verify credit card
  • View Jobs
  • My Skills
  • My inquiries
  • Post inquiries
  • Get Reviews
  • Terms & conditions
  • About Us
  • FAQs
  • Feedback & support

App Work Flow


Design & Deployment

Answerary is the product of combined efforts of expert back-end and front-end developers. The app tries to fulfill the user’s needs offering an exciting User experience as a whole.

Three types of user-profiles are accessible with this app. One is for the students, Tutors, and admin.

Student app

  • Login/signup via email or other social media accounts
  • Set up a basic profile with important personal details.
  • Post new inquiry or view pending inquiries in “My Inquiries”
  • Manage your account by adding your skills & additional details
  • Get notified about on-going jobs as a tutor
  • Get timely notifications from tutors.
  • Real-time chat and share options with teachers.
  • Switch account to “Both” to post questions as well as solve queries.

Teacher app

  • Login/signup via email or other social media accounts.
  • Choose the subject of your expertise and the various levels.
  • Set up a basic profile with important personal details.
  • Check new inquiries and complete pending inquiries in “My Inquiries”.
  • Get notified about on-going jobs as a tutor.
  • Track students’ queries with instant notifications.
  • Verify your bank account and manage commissions.
  • Real-time chat and share options with students.
  • Update your skills and subjects in “My account”.

Admin panel

  • Register/Login via an existing account
  • User management
  • App posts management
  • Dashboard management
  • Database management
  • Send push notifications

Our Achievement

Redbytes tries to satisfy each of our valued customers and their satisfaction is the driving force of our app development. We are very happy to know about Answerary serving dedicated service for many people.

Pricentric Genie

Amazon Alexa,  is virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon. Alexa skill for Pricentric One is an exclusive IoT tool that helps users to know real-time updates on country-wise drug prices.

It also provides detailed information on launch dates of products, reimbursement, tender, treatment cost, and more. Alexa skill for the pricentric is an all-in-one solution that enables users to know about every aspect of the products, their prices on different countries, relevance in the current market scenario, etc. Vijay Kumbhar is the mastermind of this leading information tool.


Voice search is now widely used by the users & Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant has great significance in this regard. Pricentric One is the most valued platform offering exact global pricing of pharmaceutics and market access intelligence.

Powerful insights of Pricentric One incorporates with supreme features of Amazon Alexa resulting in ‘Alexa skill for pricentric one’.

Alexa skill can help with the following information:

  • The pricing source of a country
  • Price of a specific product in a given country/market with its strength.
  • Launch dates of products.
  • Get to know the reimbursement status of products in the country.
  • Real-time updates on pharma news from the pricentric one portal.


The major challenge we faced during the development is managing dynamic slot values. Alexa Skill needs to register every product detail as slot values, but it is difficult when there are too many products in the system. It is also difficult to add slot values for new products each time. So, we redeployed skill on the Alexa store that time


Redbytes focuses on the utmost customer satisfaction and their active engagement. We ensure user-friendly apps with primary concern to your convenience and usability. Redbytes gain a place as it always attempts to boost up excellent error-free apps for its users.

What we did?

Pricentric one is a leading pharmaceutical platform offering credible figures on global pricing and the market altogether. The thought of creating Alexa skill for pricentric one amped up the whole tool features into a single product. We created a user-friendly website for our users providing the latest pharma news including the new product launches, pricing in different countries, treatment costs, etc.

Users can simply ask out their queries to Pricentric like talking to your friend and get authentic details on the price and reimbursements of products.


An errorless technical stack offers great services. Alexa skill has built upon a contributive technical framework.

The technologies used to develop are:

  • WebAPI – Django 1.11 LTS
  • Backend- AWS Lambda (Plane Python)
  • Database- MySQL
  • Publishing on skill store – Alexa Developer Console


The development stages were well-planned and monitored in every aspect. The development timeline was from May 2019 – Nov 2019. These six months, the development was completely focused on refinements on the micro and macro elements of the result – “Alexa skill for pricentric one”.

Scrum model was followed throughout the process.


We did Manual testing using Alexa voice assistant. For unit testing, we used the test lab of Alexa Dashboard. Additional testing on the skill was done by a manual tester speaking in different accents.

Investment in Person

A simple resourceless development was done by Mr. Vijay Kumbhar. Precentric one is a leading artificial intelligence tool that provides real-time updates on product pricings, pharma news items, etc. A BI team member for manual testing tested Alexa by speaking in different accents.

Our Achievement

Redbytes offers uncomplicated app solutions which are the result of a reliable customer base and their satisfaction. We are glad to know that Alexa skill for precentric is getting popular and widely used by the users.