MediQuick is a user-friendly healthcare app which helps its users to order medicines, FMCG products & other OTC products via the app. With MediQuick you don’t need to make weekly or monthly visits to the pharmacy, you can refill your prescription from the privilege of your home via online and get the medicines delivered right to your doorstep. 

How It Works?

MediQuick removes the issues ordinary people face while buying medicines by eliminating unavailability, long queues, awkwardness, etc. Users can download app and login with their email id, after logging in users can upload the prescription and search for the medicine. 

The system searches for the required medicines by sending out a ticket to all the registered chemists inside a 2km radius. The Pharmacies then cross checks the required medicines with their data bases for availability. The first chemist to respond with the complete number of required medicines will be automatically given the order. The major plus of MediQuick is as its name suggests, the medicines will be delivered to your doorsteps within 30 minutes. 

What we did?

We helped MediQuick develop an app that is easy-to-use and efficient; helping its users to shop in bed and get the medicines delivered to their home. Users can easily make orders and track it in real time and receive the delivery on their doorstep within 30 minutes. 



Doorstep Delivery 

No more trips to the pharmacy, with MediQuick you can get your medicines delivered right to your doorstep within 30 minutes of ordering   


MediQuick comes up with seasonal offers to specific categories and products, MediQuick also provide unique offers based on the users purchase history. 

Upload Prescription

Users can easily upload their prescription onto the app and search instantly on the device for availability. 

Search & Place Order

Rather than scrolling through catalogues and going through detailed composition of the medicine, MediQuick saves your time by utilizing the superfast search engine to identify the fastest vendor and automatically place the order 

Online Payment

MediQuick supports multiple payment gateways so that their users do not miss out on any coupons and promotional offers from different payment gateways 

Order History

No more scrolling through pages to find what you need, with MediQuick you can just check your medicine order history and re-order at any time 

Automated Prescription Refill 

Users can implement scheduled refills for their medicine orders via the app and never worry about running out of meds 

User-Friendly Experience

MediQuick is a cutting-edge healthcare platform that aspires to make life easier for every patient 


With MediQuick users can use multiple filters to find what they want based on category, rates, manufacturer etc. 

Nearby Labs

Via the app patients can search for the nearby labs incase if they want to get their various tests done. 

The Dorm App

Dorm was developed to connect college students with each other in order to build lasting and meaningful relationships. With the “Dorm App” college students can connect with each other based on their shared interests, hobbies & academics. 


Our main objective was to create a mobile dorm-like experience which allows students to build & share their profile with other students within their university and surrounding communities, this will give students an opportunity to message connect with each other directly. The Dorm also comes with a general forum page that allows them to see posts from all their connections. 

What we did? 

We gave priority to an UI desirable to students and a seamless flow that will allow students to connect with other students easily based on their common interests  


1.Logging In and Student Verification

The Dorm app requires the students to enter their college email address to register, this email will be used to as a verification tool to ensure that they are from the specified college. 

2.Profile Creation 

The Dorm profile consist of fields like Name, University/College, Major, Year, horoscope & a short bio consisting of 150 characters. After filling the fields students will be directed to Rep Your Squad page where the y will be a able to select their interest & other personal identities. 

3.Profile Screen 

Your profile will give the other users a snapshot of who you are. The profile page will be designed as a university ID card that will list the users name, university, major, year, horoscope sign, short bio, profile picture, and their interests  

4.Roommate Finder 

This feature allows the students to connect with other roomies. All potential connection will be listed on this page and the students can swipe right to friend request a roomie and left to decline the roomie connection. 

5.Direct Messages

This page will be used to send direct messages to students that the user has connected with and to view pending roomie requests. 

6.Floor Meeting

This page will serve as a community forum, in which roomies will be able to post updates directly that will be shared with all their connections. Roomies also can comment, share & like the posts also they can also view the shared updates of their connections

Sales Manager

The Redbytes Sales Manager App is developed to streamline the workflow of your sales process. It helps along all stages of sales from inquiry to closure. With the Sales Manager app, you can gather inquiries from various sources, filter spam from the inquiries, collect data and mark prospects, then engage prospects by sharing content, and provide them quote for their projects.

Further, you can move prospects to leads and classify according to budget, and organize leads according to closure probability before finally closing them. It has multiple features including task management, file sharing and team messaging. In other words, it is an all in one business communication app for your team to do their best work from anywhere.

The RB Sales Manager App is free to download from Play store (Android) & App Store (iOS)


Our main objective while developing the RB Sales Manager App was to ensure that each inquiry get the attention and respect it deserves, and make maximum utilization of sales team time and efforts.


Redbytes gave priority to achieve real time data to manage, track & optimize your day to day sales activity to keep your sales personnel productive & stay organized at all times.

What we did

We designed an easy to use UI desirable for Mangers, Sales representatives & Users. New users can register via email or other social media accounts, after logging in users can conduct enquiry regarding their requisites and interact with the sales team.

Redbytes Sales Manager App is designed for Sales Teams to

  • Keep log of day to day leads from different sources
  • Prioritise leads according to value & chances of conversion
  • Gain insights from lead generation stats to maximise opportunities

Your sales team can grow using automated data and be more focused and productive in sales activities for growth

Key Features

1. Inquiry

Description: Client and candidates who are trying to contact you.

Inquiry can be done in 3 ways

  • E-mail inquiry
  • Whatsapp inquiry
  • Call inquiry

2.1. Candidate

After the inquiry stage we collect information regarding the candidate. This data is stored into database

 2.2 Prospects

Once we collect the basic information about the client (name, e-mail id, phone no, location) we consider client as a prospect. In this stage you can add filters for searching the prospect through e-mail, phone number, whatsapp.

  • Cost calculator app (Done by client)
  • Manual cost calculation (Done by Redbytes)

ManageCandidate (Data base)

This feature categorises the user per their preferred platform requirement (android, IOS etc.)


Leads are the prospect that came through manual cost calculation (done by red bytes), through cost calculator (done by client) or walk in interview. Once a user is considered as a lead the details of that lead are divided in 3 tabs.


Info shows the personal information of lead and the brief about his requirement that he submitted before in cost calculator.

Estimate Details

This feature shows the details about the hours of work required to complete the project and the approximate cost of project which was calculated by cost calculator.


In this section, users can add notes about lead enquiry.

The Admin section comes with a set of options 

  • Quick call E-Mail-This option is used to send quick call E-mail to the user to schedule meeting call for discussing his requirement.
  • Phone call-This option is used to make a call to the client.
  • Share Insights-This option is used to send detail information about specific domains to client.
  • Book Meeting- This option is used to schedule meeting with client, with required information like date, time, source, duration etc.
  • Proposal sent-This option is used to send a proposal to client.
  • Alias-This option is used to save alternative name of client
  • Delete

Leads are categorised as follows

  • Won leads- Lead who have been converted into clients.
  • Hot leads –High priority
  • Warm leads –Medium priority
  • Cold leads – Low priority
  • Unqualified leads

App Work Flow


Sales Calls Process Flow

sales call process flow


Answerary is an innovative app that helps students post their homework and get it solved anytime. The app is free to download from Android, iOS, and its website.

Students can upload their specific homework questions on the app and it is directed to verified tutors of the subject. Students must link a valid credit card and pay a pre-specified amount after getting his/her homework solutions.


Many students stumble over some questions and end up with many confusions. Answerary is a perfect tool to solve homework of any subjects with exact answers and in very little time. The app allows students & teachers to select from a wide range of subjects known to date.

The app focuses on the satisfaction of both teachers and students by connecting them virtually. Here, they can share their documents and especially exchange their thoughts. The app specifies how much can students pay for their tutors who help them throughout the app journey.


Redbytes gives priority to creating convenient and intuitive UI for every app we create. Answerary being a novice app, the idea was to create a hassle-free system for solving homework for every student. The app is a result of detailed study done on every aspect that is incorporated into the app.

What we did

We created an easy-to-use UI suitable for both students and teachers. Users can register via e-mail or other social media accounts. Users log in as a person who will be answering questions, posting questions, or doing both things.

Once registered, users can practice the trouble-free process of answering or uploading the homework. The app lets users select their area of expertise and use the app in accordance. Answerary covers almost every subject, from languages to science subjects at any level. Users can choose from elementary to post-graduate either to get or give answers.

The student’s personalized account provides options to post inquiries and credit card verification options whereas teachers can check their inquiries and collect commissions by linking their bank accounts. The first tutor who locks the question can continue together with the student by helping them in solving homework.

Key features

  • Sign In/Sign Up
  • Choose account type
  • Set basic profile
  • My account
  • Verify credit card
  • View Jobs
  • My Skills
  • My inquiries
  • Post inquiries
  • Get Reviews
  • Terms & conditions
  • About Us
  • FAQs
  • Feedback & support

App Work Flow


Design & Deployment

Answerary is the product of combined efforts of expert back-end and front-end developers. The app tries to fulfill the user’s needs offering an exciting User experience as a whole.

Three types of user-profiles are accessible with this app. One is for the students, Tutors, and admin.

Student app

  • Login/signup via email or other social media accounts
  • Set up a basic profile with important personal details.
  • Post new inquiry or view pending inquiries in “My Inquiries”
  • Manage your account by adding your skills & additional details
  • Get notified about on-going jobs as a tutor
  • Get timely notifications from tutors.
  • Real-time chat and share options with teachers.
  • Switch account to “Both” to post questions as well as solve queries.

Teacher app

  • Login/signup via email or other social media accounts.
  • Choose the subject of your expertise and the various levels.
  • Set up a basic profile with important personal details.
  • Check new inquiries and complete pending inquiries in “My Inquiries”.
  • Get notified about on-going jobs as a tutor.
  • Track students’ queries with instant notifications.
  • Verify your bank account and manage commissions.
  • Real-time chat and share options with students.
  • Update your skills and subjects in “My account”.

Admin panel

  • Register/Login via an existing account
  • User management
  • App posts management
  • Dashboard management
  • Database management
  • Send push notifications

Our Achievement

Redbytes tries to satisfy each of our valued customers and their satisfaction is the driving force of our app development. We are very happy to know about Answerary serving dedicated service for many people.

Pricentric Genie

Amazon Alexa,  is virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon. Alexa skill for Pricentric One is an exclusive IoT tool that helps users to know real-time updates on country-wise drug prices.

It also provides detailed information on launch dates of products, reimbursement, tender, treatment cost, and more. Alexa skill for the pricentric is an all-in-one solution that enables users to know about every aspect of the products, their prices on different countries, relevance in the current market scenario, etc. Vijay Kumbhar is the mastermind of this leading information tool.


Voice search is now widely used by the users & Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant has great significance in this regard. Pricentric One is the most valued platform offering exact global pricing of pharmaceutics and market access intelligence.

Powerful insights of Pricentric One incorporates with supreme features of Amazon Alexa resulting in ‘Alexa skill for pricentric one’.

Alexa skill can help with the following information:

  • The pricing source of a country
  • Price of a specific product in a given country/market with its strength.
  • Launch dates of products.
  • Get to know the reimbursement status of products in the country.
  • Real-time updates on pharma news from the pricentric one portal.


The major challenge we faced during the development is managing dynamic slot values. Alexa Skill needs to register every product detail as slot values, but it is difficult when there are too many products in the system. It is also difficult to add slot values for new products each time. So, we redeployed skill on the Alexa store that time


Redbytes focuses on the utmost customer satisfaction and their active engagement. We ensure user-friendly apps with primary concern to your convenience and usability. Redbytes gain a place as it always attempts to boost up excellent error-free apps for its users.

What we did?

Pricentric one is a leading pharmaceutical platform offering credible figures on global pricing and the market altogether. The thought of creating Alexa skill for pricentric one amped up the whole tool features into a single product. We created a user-friendly website for our users providing the latest pharma news including the new product launches, pricing in different countries, treatment costs, etc.

Users can simply ask out their queries to Pricentric like talking to your friend and get authentic details on the price and reimbursements of products.


An errorless technical stack offers great services. Alexa skill has built upon a contributive technical framework.

The technologies used to develop are:

  • WebAPI – Django 1.11 LTS
  • Backend- AWS Lambda (Plane Python)
  • Database- MySQL
  • Publishing on skill store – Alexa Developer Console


The development stages were well-planned and monitored in every aspect. The development timeline was from May 2019 – Nov 2019. These six months, the development was completely focused on refinements on the micro and macro elements of the result – “Alexa skill for pricentric one”.

Scrum model was followed throughout the process.


We did Manual testing using Alexa voice assistant. For unit testing, we used the test lab of Alexa Dashboard. Additional testing on the skill was done by a manual tester speaking in different accents.

Investment in Person

A simple resourceless development was done by Mr. Vijay Kumbhar. Precentric one is a leading artificial intelligence tool that provides real-time updates on product pricings, pharma news items, etc. A BI team member for manual testing tested Alexa by speaking in different accents.

Our Achievement

Redbytes offers uncomplicated app solutions which are the result of a reliable customer base and their satisfaction. We are glad to know that Alexa skill for precentric is getting popular and widely used by the users.

A Un Click

A un click is an online shopping app for both Android and iOS users that helps customers to have an easy shopping on the go. Users can browse products, discover stores, get offers, avail discounts and do many more with A Un Click.

A un click keeps you updated with new products or stores & ensures convenient & happy shopping it also, ensures safe & faster checkouts of products through multiple payment methods.


A un click enables shop owners to easily connect with their customers & engage them in frequent shopping. This app can gauge real-time feedbacks from the users & have unlimited hassle-free communication.


Our team had completed almost all functionalities but it was a bit challenging for the handling of multi-vendor type for single vendor in app.

It was also tough for us while handling advance search query for users. Still, we managed to complete the whole development process in 1 month.


The main focus of Redbytes is always the user experience & upgraded customer engagement. Integrating the app with supreme data security & cloud technology is one amongst the many strategy implementations of Redbytes. Improved usability & optimized app performance is ensured by Redbytes on each and every single one of our products.

What we did?

Considering all the client requirements, we designed a user-friendly app active on both Android & iOS.

Users can easily register via email and social media. They can search a variety of products & add them to cart. By one tap, users can buy cart products whenever they wish to.

We have designed a facility track orders & a separate panel for notifications. , Users also can get real-time responses through the instant chat option.


  • Login/signup facility
  • Registration (Sign Up) Facility
  • My Account
  • My orders
  • Order notifications
  • Chat options
  • Search products
  • Manage addresses
  • Shopping cart
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple payment options
  • Shows Available offers
  • Change Password Option
  • Language Options
  • Contact Us
  • Feedback Form

App flow


Design and Deployment

A Un click is a simple & innovative outcome of our well experienced development team. Our sole purpose is to gauge reliable customers through exciting UI designed as per client suggestion.

Two types of users can benefit from this app. One is the Vendor and the other is Customer.

Customer app

  • Customers can login or signup into app using email or social media accounts.
  • They get an account where they can add & manage delivery addresses.
  • Users can search products & stores via the app.
  • Once customer select the products, he/she can buy immediately or add items into cart for buying later.
  • Customers can place & confirm orders.
  • Select from various payment methods including COD, Gpay, Paypal etc.
  • They get notification immediately after order confirmation.
  • Customers can see detailed billing summary & pricing.
  • View order status & get notifications.
  • Instant chat options

Vendor app

  • Vendors can login or signup.
  • Manage users & delivery persons
  • Manage multiple payment gateways
  • Generate timely push notifications for users.
  • Order management
  • Adding or removing products or store
  • Manage reviews & feedbacks of users
  • Coupon & offer management


A un click works on both android and iOS platforms. It took about 2 months to complete the app including 1 month for testing .

The technologies used to develop this app is

Android (Java), iOS (Swift)

Backend: Python

Database: MySQL (Backend)

SqlDB (Frontend)

Web APIs: Django Framework of Python


Each stage of development was well-monitored and completed on deadlines. We brainstormed further ideas to incorporate on the app & it took almost 2 months for completion of the project.

We ensured frequent client communication via skype and reviews were made till the client satisfaction.


For this project we had manual testing. Manual testing requires more effort than the automation, with successful bug fixes in software. The testing stage was conducted with unit test cases for each flow.

The Quality analyst too followed manual testing on each stage with written and validated test cases.

Investment in person

A  Un click app development team consists of 7 experienced & diligent developers working unitedly for many hours. They gave prime concern to client requirements & making it into reality. Completion of this app required a tenure of two months.

Our team personnel include

  • 2 iOS developers
  • 2 Android developers
  • 2 backend developers
  • 1 Quality analyst

Our Achievements

Customer satisfaction & active user engagement is the greatest achievement for the whole Redbytes team. We are very much glad to know about the extensive use & sharing of the app by users.

Bike Rental App

This is an online bike rental app for both Android and iOS which allows users to have pollution-free rides by renting electric scooters for a day or longer. Users can assign pick-up & drop points and start their ride in just a few clicks.

This assures you to upload a valid Driving license to enjoy better and safe rides. You can select from popular bike models to accompany you in your cost-efficient rides.


We believes in the “GO GREEN” concept. Here, users can travel at ease and comfort in an environment-friendly mode. It helps users to enjoy rides on well-maintained electric vehicles reducing the cost of fuel and providing handy access to easy & dedicated travel needs.


Handling race conditions for bike booking was the major challenge we faced during its development. It was tough, as it is hard to manage multiple bookings on the same bike at a time. We applied the “First come first serve” concept here.


Redbytes always give prime concern to the user experience and convenience of the app. We ensure you pocket-friendly two-wheeler rides through a safe app solution. Boosting up flexibility & excellence in each aspects of app development makes Redbytes the best in the industry.

What we did?

We developed an intuitive user-friendly app available on both iOS and Android platforms which contributes towards the environment by providing electric vehicles that reduce pollution.

Users can register through email, mobile number or social media accounts. They can create a profile where details about their rides & payments can be viewed.

We also created two separate categories of ‘license required’ and ‘no license required’ vehicles. The former type enables users to book vehicles with a valid Driving License and the latter  to book vehicles from No license required category.

Key Features

  • Login / signup
  • KYC Verification
  • Upload valid driving license
  • My Account
  • My Rides to know ride details
  • Profile edit option
  • Select your location
  • Manage addresses
  • Select pickup/drop location
  • Choose vehicle model
  • Specify ride duration
  • Available coupons
  • Terms & conditions
  • About us
  • Send queries via support forum
  • View Recent Notifications

App flow


Design & Deployment

As per client suggestion, we designed an app with simple & easy-to-use interface. Excellent back end & front-end developers together worked behind this app.

Two types of user profiles are accessible with this app. One is for the Vendor and the other is Customer.

Vendor app

  • Vendors can enter into the app using login or registration.
  • They can upload details about the vehicles they have.
  • Can check the daily bookings & bikes available.
  • Details of ongoing rides & previous ones can be tracked real time
  • Update store timings & specifications of each vehicle.
  • Battery charging requests can also be managed.
  • Frequent checking on the availability of delivery boys.
  • Manage approved & rejected bookings.
  • Managing new vendors.

Customer app

  • Customers can register/login to the app via email or social media.
  • Users shall undergo KYC verification to get app services. Users can select the ID type & upload them.
  • Driving license must be uploaded to book vehicles from the ‘License required category’.
  • They can select exact pick-up & drop points.
  • Users can select from ‘license required’ & ‘no license required’ vehicles. The start date & time can also be set.
  • Customers can view the vehicle details & select delivery type ‘Home delivery’ or ‘Self pickup’
  • Once the person selects the vehicle, a detailed price breakdown is shown. Users can save money by applying coupon codes.
  • Various payment methods including COD, Razor pay (Using debit/credit card/UPI/Netbanking), and Paytm.
  • View a detailed booking summary along with the booking status.
  • Booking status will show notifications about ‘Booking requested’, ‘Booking accepted’,’ Shrideing’ (Vehicle assigned) & finally ‘booking completed’
  • Users can extend booking end time, but only once.
  • Battery recharging option for users.
  • For finishing the ride, users have to upload the vehicle’s current meter reading as image & submit all details
  • Users can verify final billing details &pay via COD or other options.
  • For completing the booking, users are asked to enter the OTP shared by the captain.
  • Users can give reviews & feedbacks after the ride.


This app is active on both android & iOS platforms. It took 5 months including a month for testing to complete this project.

The technologies used to develop this app is

Android (Java) , iOS (Swift)

Backend: Python

Database: MySQL MySql (Backend)

SqlDB (Frontend)

Web APIs: Django Framework of Python


We planned & completed each development stage under proper deadlines. The app got refinements on each stage & along with fulfilling client requirements. This app was developed inside 4 months.

The client communication was mainly done through skype and reviews were made till the client satisfaction.


For this project we had manual testing. Manual testing requires more effort than the automation, with successful bug fixes in software. The testing stage was conducted with unit test cases for each flow.

The Quality analyst too followed manual testing on each stage with written and validated test cases.

Investment in person

Our development team comprised of 5 skillful & experienced developers translating client requisites into an awesome app with utmost perfection. The app required four months for its completion

Our development team members are

  • 1 iOS developer
  • 1 Android developer
  • 1 developer for vendor app
  • 1 backend developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst.

Our Achievement

Active Customer engagement & their satisfaction is the driving force for Redbytes to create newer app solutions. We are really happy to know that our app is widely used by the people.

Moeller Precision Tool

Moeller Precision Tool is a React native app for maintaining the database by scanning the barcode. Here the users can scan parts out by entering batch number or barcodes and perform inventory.

This most technically advanced app helps to manage the database for many businesses easily and quickly.


This app helps the users to have a track on the parts available which saves lot of time by manually skimming the products. They provide exceptional quality, personalized service and uncompromising value in serving the customers to their best.


Synchronization of data to the server was the ultimate challenge we faced during this project. We used the PHP API for fetching data from server as we don’t want to make big changes at server and API site. So we had to track the records of mobile site which did not get synchronized to the server and push only those records in order to avoid duplication of crashing when the network is available.


Redbytes always keeps the customer and their requirements as top priorities. We mainly focus the user experience and security of data of our clients and their apps. We do provide app maintenance and support after the successful launch of the application on the app stores.

What we did?

In consonance with the client requirement, we developed a simple and user friendly app which is accessible in both iOS and Android devices.

Users can create login as well as sign up through their social-media profile and scan the barcodes to enter the details on the database or search for any parts.


  • Login(Sign In)
  • Select Site Screen
  • Scan Part Out
  • Scan Part Out History
  • Perform Inventory
  • Perform Inventory History
  • Add To Cart
  • Search By Die
  • Search By Dimension
  • Account (Change Password)
  • Contact
  • Manual Sync
  • Connection History
  • About MPT
  • Logout

App Flow

moeller precision tool app flow


We centered on a plan that is straightforward that could provide more prominent client experience. We created mock-ups and this was affirmed by the client. Multiple cycles were done for the plan till client satisfaction was accomplished.


MPT is a successful database management mobile app which works on both iOS and Android. React Native technology is used to complete this project and the development was completed in 35 days.

The technologies used to develop are

Android+ iOS:  React Native

Backend: PHP

Database: MySql


This was a small project, so the entire project was divided into 3 milestones and was delivered on time. After each milestone, client meeting were done through Skype and feedback were collected.

The development team consisted of 4 developers- 2 for frontend and 2 for backend

We followed Agile Model throughout the development.


For this project we had manual testing. First DEV team and then QA tested the app. Manual testing requires more effort than the automation, it successfully checks for bugs, if any, in the software system

Selenuim is the tool used for testing this app. The methodologies used for manual testing are

  • Black Box testing
  • White Box testing
  • Grey Box testing

Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which testers evaluate the functionality of the software under test without looking at the internal code structure.

White Box Testing is based on applications internal code structure. In white-box testing, an internal perspective of the system, as well as programming skills, is used to design test cases.

Grey box is the combination of both White Box and Black Box Testing. The tester who works on this type of testing needs to have access to design documents.

Investment in Person

Our development group had 4 well experienced and able engineers, Quality Examiner, Analyzer and a Designer who were capable to make over the client prerequisites into reality. Completion of this app required tenure of just 35 days.

Our Achievement

The group exertion together with thoughts from the client enabled us to deliver the MPT app on time (a turnaround time of 35 days)m which in turn became a very huge victory. After submitting the app to app store, our client was totally cheerful and fulfilled.