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Amazing! Facebook Revamped Mobile Notifications By Cards

Amazing! Facebook Revamped Mobile Notifications By Cards

Facebook going to introduce “card-style” for notifications on mobile as a part of improvement.

Now users can say goodbye to the long list of notifications and get ready for a more list-based style of alerts. Users can customize information according to the events; can make alerts about upcoming events and many more.

With this update, current notification settings will not change but can adjust those in settings. Users can also customize the info by tapping the arrow to the right of each card, or can add more cards at the bottom of the tab.

Users can get extra information in the new tab of notification.

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Previously customization in the FB app, whether in regards to privacy or notifications, has focused more on checkboxes of what is and what is not included.

Now Facebook is really allowing users to manage cards in a perfect way based on their preferences.

These new options will slowly roll out to Facebook for iPhone and Android in the US.