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5 Top Reading Apps for Kids

5 Top Reading Apps for Kids

New readers stumble many a times in the first few years of their introduction to read lessons. It will become a boring activity for children, if you get the fun elements out. So, effort should be made to get kids automatically engaged in reading without boredom by providing something that could capture their interest. That is where the importance of reading apps come in.

From very early readers to quite advanced readers, apps could make kids engaged in reading. Highlighting the text to be read, having interactive and fun activities in between reading, and games that can earn them rewards and points are popular methods used for this purpose. Here is some free educational app for kids to improve reading.


This is a kit to create own stories by making use of your kid’s free time. It also has four illustrated classic stories that will kick start your kids journey into the world of stories. Apart from reading, this app requires writing skills as well. The main advantage of this app is that it wouldn’t make your kids sit passively, but will encourage their creativity.

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StoryKit will help your kids to utilize the leisure periods, they get by creating stories by writing texts, uploading a picture, drawing on the screen etc. There is also the option for recording audio speech as a narrative or adding sound effects. The story can be rewritten or reordered at any time.


Chiktionary offers three game modes – a spelling adventure, a race the clock game, and a challenge game that your elementary kids will find addictive. The award winning game offer puzzles that will help your kid learn all about spellings in a fun-filled way. As one replay an old game, new set of letters are given that will allow endless possibilities of combinations. With clucking and squawking, the seven chickens in this game have their own ways of entertaining and alerting your kid.

ABC Letter Tracing

ABC Letter Tracing is an educational app for kids, mainly preschoolers and kindergarten-goers, who have just started learning the alphabets. The kids have to identify and trace the letters shown. An associated image will be given for its easy recognition. There are both small and big letters that the kids can trace with their fingers on the mobile screen.

Sight Words List App

Dolch words as sight words are otherwise called is included in every kids foundation activity while learning how to read. By this way, kids first learn words as whole images and recognise them once they are shown.

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Sight Words List App is an educational app for kids used to fulfill the same purpose. The more frequent words in a language can be taught this way. Once the kids get a basic understanding about words, how they come together and are pronounced, it will become easier for them to learn the more difficult words.

ICDL Books for Children

International Children’s Digital Library offers thousands of free children’s books in dozens of languages from over 60 countries around the world, that young readers can start reading from the Apple devices. It has support for iPad rotation, by which the app automatically shows two pages when shifted to the landscape view.

The ICDL Free Books app comes with beautiful illustrations along with summaries in English for the stories. It is brought to the children with the goal of helping them become aware of the different cultures in the world and its citizens through stories. The app is supported by University of Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the International Children’s Digital Library Foundation.