Our Management

Sameer Kutty (Director):

Leading the Marketing and Sales team at Redbytes software, Sameer excels in bringing his wealth of experience, connections, and resources as the CEO of Techno Alliance, India. Here, he also manages a portfolio of companies geared towards providing IT solutions to local and international clients.

A globetrotter by choice, he has got more than 15 years of previous consulting experience from Capgemini, where he worked with financial service clients from across the globe including US, UK, Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia and India, in areas like Banking/Insurance/Capital Market and Credit Bureau. Sameer is so passionate about delivering large scale IT solutions to solve business and consumer related problems.



Kishor Lokhande (Head of Business Development)


Kishor is an explorer of new concepts and business models. His excellent management skills were honed by the experience of working with some prestigious organizations in different industries, through an 8-plus-years long career.

He has an outstanding ability that helps business owners turn their dynamic and compelling ideas into reality, using the best available technologies. Kishor is involved in the Pre-sales & Post-sales Management at TechnoAlliance, and focuses on long term relationship with clients. He always ensures that client requirements are delivered securely, and with the most reliable solutions to their problems.


Geeta Patil (Account Manager)


As the account manager at ProBytes Software Pvt Ltd Geeta is responsible for the assigned strategic account objectives. She guides, supervises, reviews and directs the work of the accounting staff and deals with payment, sales & , audits and other related accounting works.

Geeta’s achievements as an account head speak a lot about the hard work she puts in for the growth of our company. She’s efficient, reliable and delivers her work on time. On the whole, she is a responsible accountant with a numerically adept mind which makes her a really good accounting professional.


Siddique Momin (Delivery head- Enterprise application)

A well qualified and a highly experienced professional who leads methodologies and strategies for overseeing the addition of latest products, technology and service into a business’s day-to-day operations.
With over 10 years of experience in the field, Siddique has excellent team management skills which help in the implementation and delivery of all new services perfectly. Thus helping the company achieve high revenue standards directly. He has successfully managed many projects, ensuring all business needs required for project completion. He is a trustful employee who is intellectual, friendly and a motivator to the team members.


Vrishali Deshmukh (HR Manager)


Leading the human resource department at Redbytes Software, Vrishali serves all aspects of the HR function, encompassing manpower planning, talent acquisition, organizational development, performance management, auditing management and employee relations.

Being an HR Professional with around 6 years of experience, she is proficient in leading change and managing multiple stakeholders in an organization. She brings in a focused and innovative approach to HR and Management, with a genuine passion and keen interest in the industry.


Rameez Bashir (Project Manager)


Rameez is a post graduate in Computer Science from KU (Kashmir University), with 6+ years of experience in mobile app development. A cool guy with exceptional global customer communication skills, he handles a wide range of responsibilities including project management, team management and training.

His positive attitude has enhanced the company’s reputation as he takes on new challenges, exploring ideas to add value to client projects. Rameez offers the oversight, structure, and expertise required for providing quality end products to clients on time.



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