Music App

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Project Overview:

Teacher and students will use the app with which the teacher will upload his music files and student will listen and try to learn according to the music.

The Music App includes registration of the user. After login he will see the demo music libraries, which will be fetched, from the server and the songs under it will be live streamed. The app also provides the user with paid libraries that are categorized as flute, trumpet, oboe, etc. The user needs to buy it and download the songs to listen. The app shows its own music player under which he can play only the songs downloaded under the app. The app also provides option of Metronome.


Initially the user will have to register for the app. Then after the user logs in the app, he/she will be shown with the two categories i.e. the demo libraries and the paid libraries. Under the demo libraries the user can listen to the demo music, whichwill be stored on the server. It will be live streaming of the demo music. User will be provided with all the functionalities of the music player like seeking forward, play, pause, etc. If the user opens the paid libraries, he will be shown with 15 different categories. The categories will be the music instruments under which various tunes music will be provided of that particular instrument. Then the user needs to download the song to listen. App includes separate music player under which he will play only the downloaded songs. The downloaded songs will not be shown in iPod library. The songs will be secured so that no one can transfer it to another person. User will be provided with option to create his own playlist under which he can add his favorite songs.

Another functionality provided with this app is Metronome.Metronome is that which produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks) settable in beats per minute (BPM). The user can set the number of beats per minute keep a steady tempo as they play

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