Create apps students will love & can help you earn

  • In iOS, Android & Windows platforms
  • Build the usual educational apps as well learning games
  • Create apps whether you are a publisher or a school authority
  • Apps can be created for preschoolers, school and college students

User-friendly Interface

In our design labs, we put the spot light on one thing - User-friendliness. We understand that even the most feature-rich app would be rendered useless if the user finds it difficult to navigate.

Superfine Work Quality

We ensure that each of the apps we create are tested thoroughly and repeatedly for superfine work quality. For us, providing work quality to you is a matter of pride.

Esteemed Market Presence

We are not limited to producing a single type of apps. Be it educational apps, gaming apps, corporate or enterprise apps, we have made our presence felt in the market.

Confidentiality and Data Security of Source Code

You can be assured of a high level of confidentiality and data security of your source code with us. We do not share.

Timely Delivery of Projects

Timing is of huge importance, especially for education based apps. Our team understands this very well, working diligently until the final product is delivered to you on time.

On-priority Customer Support Services

After service plays a large part in the smooth everyday functioning of your app. We care for our apps even after they are delivered, providing necessary assistance when required.

Why do we build Education Apps?

Mobile apps have reinvented how education will be provided to the present and future generations. At a time of cloud computing and top class mobile apps, why would you want to depend on books? You can have the entire world’s knowledge at your finger tips.

We at Redbytes education app development company vouch for top quality education and hence we are obliged to create apps that deliver excellence.

Our Experience

With over 100 education apps and games under our belt, we have a team capable of creating a mesmerizing experience for your next educational app or game. Our app developers are experienced and creative, capable of creating amazing education apps that are engaging and easy to use.

We build apps that can help you to capture your student’s attention comprehensively. Be it pre-schoolers or school-goers, we know the exact elements that work.

Where do we get our App Ideas from?

Our apps are the result of vigorous research and intuitive thinking done in collaboration with experts; and kids are our experts. It is true that we obtain valuable insight from teachers, but the real ideas come from the students themselves. This understanding has helped Redbytes to rise above its competition.

We have some amazing apps under our belt, especially for pre-schoolers, because we believe education starts at an early age. Opposites, Fruits and Vegetable, Quiz time are some of the apps we have developed.

Some Interesting Education App Facts

  • Over 80% of the top selling paid apps in the Education category of the iTunes Store target children.

  • In 2009, almost half (47%) of the top selling apps targeted preschool or elementary aged children. That number has increased to almost three quarters (72%) now.

  • The percentage of apps for children has risen in every age category, accompanied by a decrease in apps for adults.

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Education App Development
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