Dice Stars

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Dice Stars
This game is called Dice Stars and it’s in the top 10 most popular Bar and Pub games in China. This is a multiplayer Online Game that required at least 2 Players and maximum 4 Players on a Table.
This game is support IOS and Android platform.
There are three types of Game:
1. Leisure game :-
In this mode user will be given option to select levels, after that server will match them to 2,3 or 4 player table. In this case user can already join tables where people already playing, but some Filters/criteria there for tables some have Zhai ON, some don’t, some have Shunzi Mode ON, others don’t, some with 2 players, other 3 players and some only 1 player. These all are like Filters which can be used for tables.
2. Tournament Game :-
In this game player can play the tournament of the Dice Stars. Who win the rounds he/she go for next level and so on. In Tournament there is Two types :
– Scheduled tournaments (meaning when the tournament start time is fixed).
– SnG (Sit & Go) meaning, when certain number of players reached then the tournament begins.

3. Invite Players Game. :-
In this game player can invite his/her Facebook/Twiter/WeChat , etc Social sites Friends and play the game. Player can play with only girls or boys. And if some one wants to play with VIP level players that also possible. Player can play game with near area around his/her location.
In this game player can chat with his opponent and his social site friends. Game having good background music to listen.
This game designed in two languages :-
1. English
2. Chinese

Game have the Cash Shop that player can buy his gold if needed and many other things.
Achievement is the best feature of this game. Player can achieve the stars and badges after some kind of round played.

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