5 Cool Tips to Develop Awesome Educational Apps for Children

5 Cool Tips to Develop Awesome Educational Apps for Children

The latest trend in the app-universe is educational apps. With children being attracted anything to do with gadgets; exclusive apps are being made for them. Mobile app development services’ main concern with these apps is that they must be both entertaining and informative.

Being a competitive industry, lots of time and effort are put to develop these apps. They should attract the parents first to get downloaded and they should be interesting enough to hold a kid’s attention. The following are some of the things that should be considered while developing educational apps.

The Concept

With lots of categories to choose from, a mobile app development service must zero-in on one particular concept. The most popular categories are language, attention games, maths, music, science, crafts and history. From toddlers to high school kids, it’s a wide range of users. Target age group must be decided quite early since it’s the base on which an app is developed. The user interface should be fast, simple, attractive and interactive. There must be a fine balance of entertainment and education. Overdoing either will contrast the purpose.


Knowing your target and its needs is essential. There should not be any error in the app as it’s based on education. Teaching kids a wrong thing is worse than not teaching him anything. Do your best research on the chosen subject consulting with professionals. Always test the app multiple times with the target group before releasing them to the market. An android mobile app development service would be able to guide you with their comprehensive research and experience.


An important part of the app is its design. To attract kids, an app should be at its entertaining best. With minimal menu, enticing graphics, catchy music and fun games, apps should develop a rapport with the kid. The games and tests should be updated periodically to keep the kids interested.

Educational videos and exam preparation for older kids is sure to attract many downloads for an app. The rewards or points at the end of games or tests ensure that kids play with an app more than once. There can be an element of surprise at the end of each session to make a kid feel appreciated. For example, a mascot can pop up and say encouraging words. The design of an app revolves around the ‘feel good’ factor it generates in kids.


An app can have options for kids to communicate with other kids. Options to create study groups, track progress, manage time, make goals and share notes are added bonuses. Usually, apps create virtual classrooms that encourage self-learning. Group learning provides more success for kids than studying alone. It makes the learning process fun and quick.

Parents Inclusion

Activities for both parents and the kids are perfect for some quality family time. The options to include parents will give them a sense of control over their kids’ activities. It encourages trust and loyalty towards the mobile app development service that conceptualised the app.

Apart from the business values, developing educational apps has a higher cause. When created with responsibility, it is sure to impact a kid’s life. Though it’s no simple task to create something for our younger generation, it’s worth the effort!

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5 Cool Tips to Develop Awesome Educational Apps for Children
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