16 Tips to Make Your Android & iOS Apps Beautiful

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Mobile app development is a necessity whether the business is small or big. If the app is simple and user-friendly, it means more business.

Design and style is not just enough to beat the substance, still visual appearance can play a key role to lead conversions. No matter how much money you spent on designing, in the end what you need is a perfect mobile app.

Are you thinking about how to make your app look good? To simplify your work, we have listed some useful tips to design an excellent user interface that will add on to the visual appeal for your mobile app:

16 Tips to Make Your Android & iOS Apps Beautiful-ad banner

1. Login feature 

The login feature of an app should be as simple as possible. The “Sign in” should happen with a single click. When looking for a mobile app development, use social media logins like Facebook, Google+ solution to sign into the app (and keep them signed in).

There should be a method to retrieve the username or password. There should be an option provided to like, share or comment on the various products or events happening on the app. With these features, one can make the app engaging and attract more users.

2.App Icons 

Eye-catching icons can increase click-through rates. The design should not only be meaningful, but also should be visually appealing to the target users.

App icons with an attractive design can increase the possibility of being noticed, and provide users to browse more details of the app. An effective app icon design should have two critical factors, namely beauty, and fast recognizability.

3. Unique Title & Description

Title is a crucial component of your efforts for App Store Optimization. It has a vast impact that if it is effective, then it will increase the number of visitors landing on your app page.

Accurate meta descriptions can help improve your click-through rates. The description should ideally be a short summary which includes targeted keywords and facts relevant to the app.

4. Create an Informative and Engaging Video

With millions of apps in the app store, its difficult to stand out and increase the number of downloads for your app. One way to increase the app popularity in app stores is to have a preview video for your app which will help users to understand your app features better.

5. Enable Offline Experience

The fundamental of mobile technology is that it should work everywhere anytime. To provide the best experience, one must not only provide best experience, but also should be fast and responsive even without Wi-Fi and the internet. Some apps that function offline are FeedMe, AccuWeather, Amazon Kindle, TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Pockets etc.

6.UI/UX Designs

UI & UX design are the main factors in an engaging and successful design. UI or User Interface design is about how to make a nice looking app and how well it interacts with a user. UX or User Experience design is how an app feels like from the users point of view. hiring an expert UI/UX designer could do wonders for your app.

7. Animations

A really good animation makes your app user-friendly and attract users. The main logic of having animations in an app is to explain the idea of the app to the audience in a simple way. To stand out different from other apps, include natural -looking animation with real patterns of movement.

8. Choice of Colour

The colour scheme generally depends on the category to which your app belongs. Darker colours are chosen for apps which include more of images and videos. In productivity-based apps basically lighter shades are used. This needs to be discussed with a UI/UX for optimal results.

9. Feedback system

The most important feature a customer looks in an app is an interactive system. A feedback system while developing the app helps in winning the confidence of the user.

There are various methods for the same viz. an email, a google form, an IVR system. This can benefit the business on a long term. Incorporating the changes or suggestions given by the user proves the authenticity of the brand. It also promotes that ‘for the business, customer satisfaction is the prime objective.’

10. Customization

A user should be able to customize the app according to different requirements. They should be able to change the font, privacy settings, colour, themes etc. Privacy settings are one of the important features that need to be included. More options should be given to customers to arrange the app according to their tastes, choices and requirements.

11. Simplicity

The simpler an app, easier it is for a customer to use it. One should understand that there is no point using heavy graphics in the app. This will result in making it heavy and sometimes, it may crash, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Users are interested in an app that helps them finish their work in a few minutes rather than colourful, time consuming graphics.

12. Relevancy

The content in an android app development should be rich. It should be able to provide insightful experience to the users. The content should be in accordance with the topic or the usability of the app. It should be unique. It should be able to make your app distinct from others.

13. Speed

This is one factor which cannot be ignored while developing a mobile app. People stop using an app if it takes time to load.

14. Include Analytics

Your app must be able to track the number of users accessing the application. It must give you the details of frequent users and about their experience while using the app. The data will help in developing the app better. It will help in growing your business. Better data collection encourages better functionality and update.

15. Eliminate clicks

There is no point in making customers fill forms with vast information which is not required. The sign in process should be as minimal as possible. Once you have a user on-board, make sure that you eliminate every unnecessary clicks for them so that they get hooked to the app .These things will help you maintain sustainability.

16. It’s your brand

Your app will be the face of your brand. While android app development, make sure that your brand logo, tagline etc. features on every page. The placement of the logo should be justified. For instance, it should not hinder while working on the app. It should be placed aesthetically at a location where it looks appealing.

16 Tips to Make Your Android & iOS Apps Beautiful-ad banner

As mobile app development continues to grow, its necessary to know design trends that create an outstanding user interface for an amazing app. By following the above set of guidelines, you can easily create an app that is easy to understand, attractive and has an increased usability factor.



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