Use of Emojis in App Descriptions can Increase Downloads says Novoda

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A recent study conducted by Novoda, a European App Development Studio shows that using emoji in app descriptions can lead to increase downloads.

The study was conducted to better understand app store optimization. It took between two to seven days for running the study. They used three different emojis – a rocket, a 100, and the blue “bin” for testing.

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Preference for different emojis varied according to the regions and languages. Some showed positive results, while others were inconclusive.

The rocket emoji showed an increase of 20% in Germany. While Poland and Italy showed a similar preference for the other two emojis. But the results were indecisive in France, Russia, and Spain.

Novoda noticed a 4.5-percent increase in the global download rate for the applications whose description contained an emojis.

Even though the study shows the variation in different regions, the best way to optimize an app for the Google Play Store or any app store is to experiment and find out what works well for each locality.




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